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What are you say you leave. You sneak into their house late at night and you give them the shot yourself. It's not it doesn't seem that hard to do. I think you could give shot you. Watch youtube videos. I think you can do it. Yourself gary end. That's a great point. I thought i just assumed vaccine this distrust would be a right wing thing but it's not it's just now it's there. It's just like any of you. that's not your own. You get confused when people don't buick doesn't mean there's any validity except maybe here because this one has to do with disease nash about also in the chat just blatantly said pfizer is better so bomb. If you're watching bill and having left how fucking dare you on my own. Say the shot i got was inferior. It's great you suck. But i love you. Mom you've been lachey a shaved. My mom i love it. Eleven love marcus enough of a joy laughter because we need to talk deadly. Simon fi could juror so the first time the name not the whole time time they say simon conjurer essay could drew a especially jon voight. He's shit i it so before talk about the actual movie to shadow one last time to matthew for this dumpster fire slash out. You're going to get. Because i'm about to shed on your movie and i feel bad. So i will mention your name marcus. I need to talk first about what this movie is. Because there's only one way for us to watch it because of the back matter of like. I don't know how much i only i did. One quick google search for research to find out whereas research for whenever you're ready so if you wanna do this little spiel. Go into the background of the movie if you want. Yeah i was just gonna say the the at first we thought okay. Maybe we'll watch it together we're streaming. Something is on amazon. It's not blake's it's you can't rent it. It's not on video and demand the only place it is is. I don't even want to say the name of it but a random youtube channel on youtube. has it uploaded. It's got three thousand views. It's it's that's the only place to watch the atom that has this bill was not released. The year was made eight years later or something. They released it in on a different name on. Dvd yet probably sitting puck. And you rid of this shit. Yeah that's for years. People thought the movie didn't exist yet. Now that's i mean. That's pretty much what i was gonna say so. The trailer appeared in two thousand six on youtube and people were like what the fuck is this and no one knew what it was. Four people like okay. Maybe this is like a movie. That's coming out and then years passed and no one knew they're like okay. This movie definitely should have come out by now. Like many many years have passed and then people were like looking into in the more they looked into it the less information they found because they tried out director wise and directors only listed as question mark or q mart so people are like who the fuck is this guy so that people are digging and they were looking into the background of like the company behind it and saw that like jon. Voight works a lot with the company and the they are sly like cd rom titles and stuff like that that are turned into movies. Like tech in ends up. And so maybe geniuses. French baby jesus movie yes and so they're like oh let's look through. This has to be real sea. They work with jon. Voight we see that that this is like he obviously has a part of this and this is a real movie company that has made other movies is yeah and people thought the movie was fake in this joke but it turns out that this is it was real. People were hyped about it because it had just from the trailer ahead the same vibes as like those tommy. Why some films and you'll breen films like it just had that same energy and those are some of the biggest like bad good movies that people love to hate. Watch until you're excited lessons and so in ran and then you find out now. The director is in fact stuart hall who also plays the chiller simon Later is revealed that the director is is. what is the name. Simon paul stewart. Paul stewart. paul and he cast himself as the lead. Obviously that's what do baby you're gonna make a movie. You're fucking lead doesn't matter whether not you're good acting movie. I'm the fucking start. No yes if gallo abc. okay. I can do it. I can do it fair okay. And then twenty four. A movie called deadly lesson shows up which is different from the legend simon kander. A trailer was originally four shows streaming services if people are like what the fuck is this shit and that brings us here today to the movie. There's also an interview with springs us here so that they did jon voight about the movie. Which is wild. But we'll get into so here we are here. We ha- on youtube watching a movie submitted to us by our wonderful fans. There's a lot to say about this movie. But i think the most frustrating thing about the movie is the movie is competently made no nothing wrong with it. I disagree. You may the first statement. I disagree. You're what what i what i mean. Is they They they are filming it like it's a movie like they don't know they don't not know how to make a movie. There's transitions and there's they cut in interesting ways and there's nice pans and it's it's not like it's not like it's not like bird democ where it's like a lot of wide shots because they do not know what they're doing you know what it is. It is one step above for damage. But i it's on par with the rue like i don't think the cinematography was necessarily bagri. The service definitely better than the room but also but also remember the room was made by real filmmaker like tommy. Why so hired real life filmmakers to do it right. it's unbelievable. There's those people. I mean if you ask the escape artists right. Those people were real people and the whole time. They're like this is fucking bullshit. But they're like but the czechs clear skies paying who the fuck cares you know so but he has the right away. I was totally totally totally. Yeah i think so too. Yeah it's only has that good people on a bad film kind of like maybe not great people but the people not a fucking work a camera. It's not like it's just sitting down more. Wendy's i think like the quality of filmmaking is there but any aspect that i think the director touch was ruined. They had good terrorists. I mean newer to point them. I think he's kind of like the best. Like a good thing. I could say about the production of the film. It's hard because i kept wanting to think this movie was way more data than it was because of how triggering and how not okay. It is If anybody is easily triggered maybe don't watch this movie this movie so okay. So the purpose of this movie scooby. Margus wasn't escaping really weird. It's it's it's it's like so bad would he was. I had a good time watching it. There was not a moment where well a few moments. But most of the time i was entertained at least because it was just fucking crazy. Why because. I don't know how to feel because i was fucking like tortuous watching it but now that i'm about to talk to you but i'm smiling. I'm a torture you you're watching with lexi and every fifteen minutes. He said you said to her you with podcast. I don't wanna do this fucking. I don't want it but not the same way right now. I was sitting there. Fuck this movie. And now i'm like i'm so hard i can't keep i had to keep pausing and ask questions was.

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