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Oh well okay most people get passed it so very quickly similar time in this segment this lady who got fifteen years in prison for letting the baby died in a hot car now she was in she went and got her hair done or something for hours and and the baby died and see it's a fifteen year so the same thing is the ross harassed case except for some reason i didn't get his big i want to hope there's not racial i want to hope the because the ross here is kidd was white with blonde hair and everybody cared about it because this was an african american child who died in very much the same way russ harris gets life this lady gets fifteen years is that because this is seen as somewhat accidental as opposed to something that was planned murder a harass harassed thing they'll well there's different levels of criminal culpability than you know first degree murder that's when you act within an abandoned in malignant heart and with malice aforethought a non leaning planning massive thought not as you plant right the planet you know you schemed right you had intent yeah and so that's something that saw in the harris case ultimately that you know the the collateral thaksin circumstances in evidence pointed to definitely enabled who what he was googling a online and stuff like this lady appeared may be on drugs while this is going on who added that seem more and more criminal negligence in riots in all with its extreme in its gross negligence and it rises to the level of criminal culpability but and this is more of a second degree murder scenario she didn't schemed to do it she decided out of extreme stupidity is still doesn't addressed the fact the why this city doesn't cherish and care about this loss child as much as they did with child in the backseat of ross harris's caught on that one of these people who buys into all of these race things but it it makes you wonder i mean this very wonderful station we had a whole string of that trial this was just show up here and there and i don't know it's kind of a husband was asking for a bigger sent via the husband is really angry and i just i hope it and say something about us 'cause i hate those kind of narratives but this child was every bit as precious as the child in the backseat of ross harasses car eric von haessler mine herman cane belie valley eleven near times every day on news 955 and am 750 wsb this is a breaking triple team traffic alert from w sb 1050.

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