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Twenty nine twenty two Elisha McGuire. Put them in front will a short touchdown run with five minutes left. The Texans marched down the field into Shawn Watson found de'andre Hopkins for a touchdown second time of the game. Those two hooked up. Houston also got five Kimmy Fairbairn field goals as they move closer to clinching a playoff spot. Sam darnold played well throwing for two hundred fifty three yards at a pair of touchdowns. This is Todd bowl degrading ball game. Play toffee made some thorough. They played a good ball game. Played tough. No, the coach not taking too many positives away from the day highlight move. We lost the ball game. And I'll watch the film again, we don't have moral victories here. Now. The jets are now four and ten. The giants will play host at Tennessee today. Titans. Head coach, Mike variable Canada. Among those who've been very impressed with big blue running back saquon Barkley, I think it's the total package at the balance the the strength the power the vision the ability to cut pussyfooting around. And so I think that the speed is overrated. I mean, there's a lot of fast players and the giants have won two in a row. They are now five and eight theology. Score twice in the third only to see the Red Wings Thai their game late. They went to a shootout Nassau Coliseum, and it was Matthew bars. Al with the deciding goal as the islanders wanted four to three bars with a regulation goal and assist as well. A shootout for the devils in Nashville too. But they were not as fortunate losing to the predators. Two to one. Then after time the game with ninety seconds left on a goal from Brian boy. That extra in Indiana this afternoon at five at three. The nets are in Brooklyn. They'll take on the Atlanta Hawks college basketball, Seton Hall of the prudential center defeated rockers in the battle of New Jersey. Seventy two to sixty six Connecticut in stores be Manhattan sixty one to forty six Old Dominion surprise. Syracuse sixty eight to sixty two Notre Dame got by Purdue eighty that game at the crossroads classic in Indianapolis with the Bloomberg sports update. I'm Frank Garrity..

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