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Richard Serra Hey welcome back say. Hello on Twitter at Richard it s, why because I love you r e. Double t baby what you want me to do. Some of us. Are old enough to remember when Elvis performed this on, his, nineteen sixty eight comeback special some of us not me at some of us are old enough, to remember that, that's a great tune and we are playing Elvis all night long and we are going, to. Delve into Elvis's murder that's right you heard me correctly. His murder In. Hours two three and. Four when author researcher. Stephen you Benei blows the lid off of this right now we are talking with Lyle Blackburn who is a crypto investigator we're. Talking about the. Lizard, man and we just passed the thirtieth anniversary of that sighting and we'll get back. To that conversation in just a moment now here's another, strange piece of footage from no less showing a moose lingering by the side of the road as what appears to be a figure of some kind stocking towards it I've seen the. Video, this is. Very odd the IRRI scene was. Filmed by a? Woman named Audrey for shed and took place in a forested area of Quebec's Gaspe. Peninsula I know it well I've been there this happened last weekend as is often the case with such. Incidents she didn't notice the odd injure loafer at the time but later spotted it. When she looked at the video and you can look at the video to just head on over to coast to. Coast AM. Dot com and check. It out In, the highlights carousel where our webmaster tonight Sean ladder sore has posted that video.

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