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We would ballboy we would do all those things with them. And we would see the day to day preparation that he had to put into coaching. You know, as we grew up. He was gone a lot because of his job. And so my mom was there, and my mom was a schoolteacher. So you know that teaching instinct at similar coaching was there too. And you know, she knew the game of basketball because of her experience with my dad, obviously. And she would talk to us, you know, she would coach us, you know, game to gain she'd be at the game. And we'd be embarrassed. Because she'd be in the crowd hollering at us telling us what to do. So but the combination of the two of them is. That's what I thought was teaching coaching. That's why went hand in hand for me. You know, when Golden State was going through the stuff with K D And dream on and stuff that goes on every day all over the league. I know one feeling Golden State, and what they always kinda give them confidence was, you know, with Steph curry and Klay Thompson that those two like what they care about is winning like whatever else is going on. They can be oblivious to it. But when something is going to get in the way of winning. That's when they step in. And that they kinda thought and goals say part of that is because they grew up in the league they've seen stuff happen. They saw is kids. They heard their dad's talk about it. Or they bend around it. And they're a little more desensitized to it. And it sort of a lousy them to not get too caught up in the other stuff and stay focus on what's important in the job. And does that make sense to you as somebody who grew up in pro basketball, probably saw lots of crazy stuff in the locker room as a kid or your dad, come home and talk about it happened on a road trip where you're just okay? Like, you don't lose too much. Time with that. You just know that's the NBA, and it may not be what's the most important thing for me to deal with today. Also think that the type of people that their parents were in the NBA has a huge impact. Like, you know, Michael another university of Minnesota was, you know, a solid person in the NBA, you know, he was part of winning Dell. Curry obviously, you know, solid human being, you know, understands what's important. And I think those guys they saw that. And you know, give their parents credit for instilling that in them. But you also think about and I think about this too is like, You you know, know. you don't play the game with a sense of desperation where you'll do whatever it takes to compromise. Your beliefs just to hang around or be a part of it. And what I see in them and most people who win at a high level is you know, they stand by what they believe helps win. And it was interesting to just listen to their comments. When people were saying, oh, this is going to be the reason why. And both of those guys said that's not going to be the reason why and it wasn't..

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