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In Richfield thirty five W. cellphone across from eighty six three to eighty second street I don't like we do the doable in the face of the world seemingly impossible problems ally dive right in with what can be done small actions can lead to big impact and touching one person to what I can inspire all do the doable learn more at we are light dot org if I would this news weather forecast the clouds giving way to clear skies tonight seventeen partly cloudy thirty three tomorrow right now twenty seven a cloudy a Jason and Alexis these are based on not necessarily facts so ID like to throw that out there lower okay so okay and a lot of them only have one answer so we'll see what you guys it would only have one answer so we're just dumb it down for you today it's pilgrim bell state where pilgrims settled three two one that's what I was gonna say I promise okay we can get that one okay the name of a pilgrim ship two one Mayflower the native Americans and gave bringing you everything entertainment Jason and Alexis in the morning with producer don on my top one oh seven one it's learning are learning Iraq's here to.

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