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Is there a word for when there was never gonna be a climax marriage. No i'm kidding No i don't know what is the way this film in i in the way starts. It's like day. Rami playing two completely different characters they do. It's a film. That's two hours long but the story behind his character is rushed. How is it rushed when it's two hours long and it's a slow moving film to there are so many scenes of jared leto. Walking across the street is either a live or just the fact that you spent way too much time in that one in that garage mechanic. Onesie like with them boots. I don't understand what. I don't understand the story of denzel to help them with these murder cases when he came to stay in there he knows me. You're supposed to be about but be. The movie is supposed to be about obsession about hubris the little band. No i don't even mean the in that sense. I mean in the sense that it's supposed to be without. We can't spoil. It's supposed to be about a veteran cop showing up somewhere and seeing somebody who's at the beginning of the trail where he's at the end but that's not the movie day gave us. That's why i said. The movie has seven vibes right. It's it's that same thing and the problem is you. Don't get enough of either of your detectives and enough care about either. Honestly they also don't do any detective work really so this other thing too so you have to detectives that one. That's you know. We used to be hot shit but now for some reason left the department and to be in a small town not a homicide detective anymore and you have the incoming new replacement hotshot homicide detective. This'll be a hot shit and all the stuff but like also isn't good at his job because like none of are actually show that they're actually these are said that this guy didn't have any more depth of knowledge for doing a crime thriller set in an actual police station than ncis. Because they keep saying they're good at their job they get to show us. They you see moments where dinsdale has what looks like. They're supposed to be a brilliant discovery. And all you're like okay. So he walked one more down the block and did what. Clearly the regular police didn't in their canvas. Or you know the smug thing. Oh teach me your ways opium one. All of this stuff could have made a really great movie because they were there..

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