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Foundation health plan of the mid atlantic states incorporated 2101 east jefferson street rockville maryland to here's Ned Miller the vice president of CrowdStrike federal on the discussion achieving cyber in a world of evolving threats sponsored by CrowdStrike and AWS now that we're getting our arms around wrapped some of the fundamentals of Zero Trust we're starting to see agencies start to look into some of the more advanced capabilities in the maturity model and looking at more of a proactive stance as it relates to threat hunting listen to the entire discussion on federal news network search CrowdStrike 79 minutes could bring your entire agency to a screaming halt that's the average time takes it an adversary to land and move laterally through your network when government and citizen data are at stake trust the pioneer in adversary intelligence and enterprise threat hunting CrowdStrike protection that powers the DoD Zero Trust vision is now IL -5 authorized for national security systems to learn more visit CrowdStrike .com that's CrowdStrike .com this is WTOP news. A major project in Virginia to build tens of thousands of solar panels at Dulles Airport has gotten started. People will look out of the airport window when they land and see this amazing project. Phyllis Randall chairs the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. was at She Dulles for the groundbreaking ceremony. Has work begins on the largest renewable energy project ever developed at a US Airport? Jack the Potter Metropolitan heads Washington Airports Authority. This solar energy lets us use land between the waste to produce clean electricity for the region. It'll feed Dominion Energy's Northern Virginia power grid producing enough energy to power more than 30 ,000 homes at Dulles Airport. Nick Ineli KP News. 424, so how are those higher fare gates working for Metro? New data from the agency shows the taller, stronger gates are reducing fare evasion by more than 70 % at stations the where they're installed. New doors on the improved gates are 55 inches tall, twice as strong and more resilient. Fort Totten was the first station to get the new gates. They'll eventually be put in throughout the system. Its estimated Metro loses

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