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I don't know I. Want some tacos. At a Margarita go get it for me now. Appears. You do have to get dressed up for the tacos. By now, if I was queen up the first thing that goes. So instead of getting. There won't be dressing up no or dinner at stressing down for dinner you got in your PJ's. Your slippers dressing up just to spill sauce all down the front of my shirt if I mean some Frickin Taco. That's on is a spill sauce on you. I yeah. Don't think you're supposed to do that I know you're not supposed to but I will you know what else I would love as Royal There's like a content, what is the container or a cantor of alcohol every corner of every room And you just see them always have a drink here. We just walk around drunk like the whole time if we were royals yeah there's probably no one wants to Maria's. Open up the globe and there's a drink in there. Yeah. When you're done with that the pencil on your tables actually key. The inside of the desk, which also holds drink and it's just well, I would just have my hand out well, I. Think people just bring it to you right and they would just put it on my hand at all times. Instead of moving your purse signal, you don't want to talk to someone that's the signal that you need alcohol. or I would do I would look at my assistant and go I don't WanNa talk. Anymore like I'm not going to do a personal magic's give you the fuck out of here right now I think I'd be Pretty Blunt Royal Yeah you bore me you'd be like you know what I gotta go I'm done with him I don't want to talk to you anymore but by the militia Listen. Year barring. All, right. That's all I got. All right. So any who? Anybody has any other little tidbits that we haven't talked about Gordon does but heather knows like a lot about the royal family you I read a lot about them. Yeah. But thank you guys for listening tests and I ramble on and on love it though is fantastic. Thank you again for being here. Yeah. She's super impressed by. But she just got off of a Nice Three Day holiday at my house. Yeah. She did was not a holiday I almost threw my back turned into your cat boxes. To do today. Doom yesterday Megan had got to house sit for her well we were out drinking and on our trip it was oh. Did. Such wonderful job. Yeah all animals are accounted for. And they all have cleaner boxes and food and their medicine and everything. Fantastic. Yeah. I thought we lost a Colusa for a day. Everyone drinks everyone thinks she lives close never going outside she usually came out at like night and then she just did it one I like whereas Qaluwa Lake. The you gotta go finder will we couldn't find her. So we just went to bed in the morning shoes, their New Orleans. And she was just there. There's a few cats in the house. You don't ever have to worry about because I'm never going outside they're never going anywhere includes one of them. She's too scared to go do anything I know captain wanted out. or he just wants attention. Well, if you leave any room and he can't be with, you, say you go out to the garage. He'll sit in the laundry room or the door and meow or if you go out the front door, he'll sit at that spot and then meow at you the back door, any door you disappear. meows at you. Until you come get up and then the most frustrating thing is because he does not my scrapbooking room. Yeah. opened the door as me all there for half an hour knowing the crap on me open the door the come in. Oh Man. He just sits there and then you can't get them in. Then you finally pick that kiss gas up and bring them in the room. Then he sets the door meows get out There's no making this cat. Happy. Yeah. That's well that's at our you. If you open the door, they run out at. Just because the doors open, even if they were just out and I came in, if you open up the door and hold it open, they'll run back out. Because they feel like if the door's open, they should run through it I don't know. Issue in my house I don't want your. Are. All right. Thank you everyone everybody have a fantastic. So Yup and we'll see you next time..

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