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In the sank utilised as big as the crater created these You know any game for some at the moment we're in. The rod is bracket tips. You me a gumby earlier on today. So addictive gumby gumby. But let's be honest. You rinse signed culas. I h bracket and skew bracket. You're a natural athlete. You love a natural athlete on lava natural life late night. This is gonna be. And look. I said i said to on choosing hot now sherry a sankyo wanna prove anything to us improve the somewhere around the money to win this game. It's as simple as that louise citizens over the hanging on because means another gang to the swans seton seeks the moment you've got the sites unfortunately shooting twelve. They lose their getting five and seven. You're not going to get back from the away team's scene. It's item full back. Unfortunately so i really do think that the swans again gonna win. These says just up on time. Dick can be sitting in alzheimer's aids tamar body's gotta be lying next to redesign heidel home. Got attended on the mar- she can you give do that. Big buddy mom. Not my heart stops bait when you start talking like that. What's it gonna come. It's all above board all about four nine ninety to hijack department lice at all. So we're both done with the swans on that one and we. Yeah absolutely all right might take us through the next game. Adelaide crows versus collingwood magpies. Full thirty five pm. What an absolute cracker he. Well look for calling we spike about it enough in the begins for calling with this week. jamie elevate giren towel judge thomas and max lynch in an fa. We've got brody. Gundy has serious case of whiplash. Callum brown's been admitted. Chris man has been managed are taking a week off. Because he's an old body. Finland mccray absolute stunning. Name is the has been at midi. Saban emma's got tom wilson. As well his admitted the full the adelaide crows is running our connor and admitted an act. Is nick murray and sand berry. Who has an injury. What i don't know this is going to be a good game or a bag. I'm gonna get into the adelaide. Crows you content on and takes turns it on or are we going to get the calling your struggles. Kick a goal up to third quarter. Time i am. This is an interesting one. Honey enough you wouldn't think about these becoming a been percentage than the cars yet which is starting to look at lake a lot goals but they keep better schools jack inside a think that could coming just so much. More quality is being played once again at the level at all. I can do no wrong there. The moment that the team to beat. Melvin anglong long so far the she yep on gowith at allied. And it's just gonna be another wake of misery for collingwood pulling his supporters calling with club. Parole other cetane teams around the league. Sorry seeks to gw in. Start having these photos receiving back to watching this moment. Joy on calling collingwood pips and alarm do it for the old boy. Eddie mcguire a main. Sorry jeff brown jeff brown. I mean jeff brown eddie mcguire. I mean i mean jeff brown. It's just a different night. it's just a different name. Exactly i look calling for me. I just think that come on. They drew pips. They jude for what turning up playing attacking football fringe congress supporters and. I just wanted to have a way. No one has been joy. Germany winter season. You lawing right the friends that lawing your lawing you have any friends you on the podcast with me to talk to somebody. I know what's going to be a belt regardless of where these guys who's gonna be plied. Thank you for deciding taking on seven forty..

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