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The euro like they did in this world so dallas has emerged in front runner for carlson and body ryan will not be part of the deal allegedly according to the athletic yes it seems like dallas has risen as the top concern is not tampa not san jose not philly and not a colorado is actually dallas apparently the prospects or whatever that dallas wants to given the deal is enough for them where they wouldn't even getting philip ooh on the islanders i mean look they've added a whole bunch of bottom six forwards it's just that simple they they haven't made any sizzle yet reuben foster the niners suspended two games for nfl multiple violations i'm sick and tired of talking about reuben foster whose career is short lived now in the nfl with all the problems he's been in robbie fully healed for the broken and we'll go to the dr after the all star break to continue to work out executable to start a minor league rehab center nagas i he should consider sticking around here i would think then going back to the dr where bad things happen right isn't that where they all get their steroids seriously stay here there's rumors now cole hamels going back to the phillies of you heard this picking up steam the yankees are the hot take it for jay we've mentioned this several times the toronto starter is the guy that allegedly cashman has his eyes on shohei ohtani activated from the d l was the d h tonight for the angels i don't know how he did i know his first about it he didn't do anything now i'm not sure either and it looks like he's just going to hit for now disconcert no bitch the wonderboy a stephen thompson mafia says usc disguising a south carolina debut and he wants to fight robbie lawler in the headliner and they're gonna give him what he wants because he didn't he just do a fight for them like fighting a guy that was a bigger than him overweight whatever and he's at the fight anyway and then he lost he felt it was all down decision that he got screwed on that i do too i mean other than you know guys like tiller we'll leave the top is really no one else in that division that he hasn't gone through so yeah guy like molar might be a decent fight for him to go big draw james in dc you're on cbs sports radio.

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