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No, it was great. What do you mean? We laughed at the monitor interesting. I couldn't fuck in here. You laugh louder. We can't right? But there's something about that. There's something weird about that that, but that's all about performing though, don't you is that the reason you you go out there to try to reach that that, you know, something special. Yeah. Or perfection or? Whatever to to get the the feedback if they're not clapping, you're doing something wrong is wrong. Right. Right. But you did something that no one ever did. I mean, when you watch those some of those matches in the ninety one comeback at the US open, you watch these I like in just watch the SPN thirty for thirty. And I was just like I've never seen tennis crowds like that. It was just like people, and you say give them what they want or whatever. And it was. You were like part of them. They felt like they were part of Jimmy Connors like somebody said on the show that they felt like they helped him win that match. I was there. I was part of that feeling people say, well, I mean, that's that's that gave me what I worked for for twenty years. You know, right, then and there, you know, to to get to get that noise in that stadium. You know, that was twenty thousand people sounded like sixty you know, and and offer, you know for them, but they they weren't applauding a shot. They were applauding performance. It, you know. I mean, they they it was, you know, an at I I haven't gone back in washed a lot I did watch a few quips of you know, that that the that open occasionally, right, but but I would watch that every day, but I've been no. But Michael, I didn't even watch tennis. I watched the crowd. You know, the crowd was what you know. What was what interested me, you know, an in? And they were clapping, you know, when when the tennis was still going on, you know, you know, in in their involvement that gave me everything I worked for right there. Now people out here like, you know, listening and watching this was you know, when you hear Jimmy Connors. I mean, you think tennis legend, it's not like everyone knows about the ninety one US open, you know. But don't forget that Wimbledon when you beat McEnroe and eighty two and don't forget the eight majors. Don't forget all these. You know, do you know, how many matches you played I played a lot of Matt get number. Give me a number fifteen hundred fifteen thirty five. How many wins at twelve hundred oil fifty six K eight yet over eighty two percent winning percentage? I mean, it just baffles me and you look at this. And you're like, you know, a grand slam grand SIMS like, you know, for those people who don't it's it's one of the majors. Right. That's one of the four main make Straton the French US open and Wimbledon, right, right? And the one that you didn't win and you could have won it probably a couple times all four in one year. Which is how many times has that been done? But you didn't plan the French Open. And why not well, I mean. You know, a lot of people bring that up, and and and one Australia writes back, then you went Australia. Then you're the only one that can win the grand slam. Then the next one was the French. And that was the first year the team tennis came in. And team tennis was something new that was brought in by Billie Jean King where I played for Baltimore. So there was Baltimore and Pittsburgh and New York and then Los Angeles in there was like a Houston. There was ten or twelve cities around the country that that would bid on a team and and for their players. So it was a first year, and you know, as early in my career, and and I was still like seventy five seventy four before. And I was still looking to make money..

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