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Fuji, by the way, the late Maasai ITO would have been seventy seven on Friday tough, dude. Boy, just don't go. No Roxana mcdonnell's two-time mid south tag champion with a midnight express. The great Dennis Kandari is my age sixty seven in the Dennis STAN lane. Bobby eaton? And of course, the inimitable Jamesy. Cornet we'll be doing some appearances this year. That's if you're midnight express fan wrestling fan, you need to check out. And you can do all that the cornet dot com. Or my favorite shows was Dexter Showtime. Mick assuming lot of Showtime fraudently, but the star Dexter back in the day. Michael c hall. Forty eight years old on Friday, very talented, dude. I saw his sister in TV sister is known another show October the name of it coupling same thing detective or a CI version or some drum dramatic deal. Anyway, good show and last not least on Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Much like Vicky Lynch was on Wednesday. Rhonda Rowzee thirty two years of age on Friday. Epi birthday. Do MRs Travis Moore. Saturday, the three-time AJ p w triple crown champion ten ru. Generic oh, ten rue sixty nine. The star of a unease dog the bounty hunter dog Chapman sixty seven on Saturday. No, sixty seven the dog sixty seven. Who do you love? Who looks like they might live another day. I take that back the reigning defending Immelt. Wwl middleweight champion, by the way. Teddy hearts thirty nine. What seems impossible to me because I met him. And he's like a teen. Talented talented kid. Former impact wrestling x division champion Brian cages, thirty five on Sunday philadel- hall of Famer when the greatest champions of all time, Mana respect greatly. He was a big part longtime frittered in training. So many the great stars that you grew up watching many of you on the attitude era. Dory funk junior will be seventy eight on Sunday, my brother Dory, and I will kick your God down bash Ross, you Oklahoma fact pastored. Okay. Terry. Take it easy dorey. Seventy eight on Sunday. Many many more my friend on Monday, the first lady civil rights late. Rosa Parks would have been one of six godfather shock rock. Alice Cooper, seventy one still going man gives guys like me. Hope why retired do what seventy one he's still tearing. My I want to be working fast seventy plan NFL hall of fame linebacker. For the New York Giants. The New York football giants. Lt orange Taylor sixty and I want the over under was back about twenty years ago on LTV living v sixty. What days former NTN a world heavyweight champion? Chris saving thirty seven. And on Tuesday, finally MLB hall of Famer Amran Hank Aaron eighty five years old for innovate Georgia heavyweight champion.

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