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Governor Ralph northbound's resignation after Graciosa photo surfaced on his medical school yearbook. Page Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax who would become governor. If north steps down said north MS taking his time to make a final decision on if he will leave office. The governor has to make a decision that's in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia. ABC's Andy Field joins us on the KOMO Newsline mounting pressure on the governor today and ABC reporting. There was an urgent meeting called for top level staff. Do we know what happened in that meeting? Well, some of that leaked was basically the governor was asking for more time to make this decision. He wants to clear his name. The message he delivered was he doesn't want to leave office known as a racist for life. He says that this is not him in the picture. That's what he said. Miss in. This news coverage despite saying literally twenty four hours beforehand, it wasn't. He would have beat apologized. He'd also mentioned that he he did a similar black face incident is a Michael Jackson look-alike contest back in the eighties. But the bottom line here is that there were other issues besides this picture here. There's another yearbook with a racial slur of a nickname under his picture that yearbook when he was in high school. He hasn't been able to explain that. Those protesters heard I was actually out there when that was happening today, and they were protesting about something a little bit different. It wasn't so much the pictures, but they were saying his policies are racist against African Americans because particular pipeline he's trying to build through their neighborhoods saying he's being insensitive to them. So there are quite a few issues that that are surrounding the governor right now, it's not particularly good week for him. It's not known how he's going to survive, the national Democrats and local Democrats and Republicans calling for his resignation candy has former President Obama chimed in yet. By the time. I arrived in earlier today at that point. Anyway, nothing from him. Is that still the case? And if not does anybody know why? I don't know. I haven't seen anything from him. I've been in Richmond all day covering this. I have not seen that. I do know that there was a African American pastor who was saying that he's known governor north for some time. He's never known him to be a racist. In fact, he is not to be someone who supports racial equality that that he should be forgiven here give it a chance to to show that he indeed lives the ideals that he claims to have. But I'm not quite sure listen virement today, especially with solely Democrats running for president who denounced him as as well as other national figures, whether he will have the political capital to continue governing here in in Virginia. ABC's Andy Field joining us. Thank you. Andy. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news business news at twenty and fifty past the hour. Brought to you by propel insurance stocks finished. Solidly higher fueled by gains. In.

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