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Two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four like I said I wonder if if the money how Roseman has struck out finally you know we always say this thing about other cap management is always we never have to worry about the cap I I do wonder if if he did strike out it will get into that in in a little bit but one of the things that I heard all of the wonderful judge ilio show is Crisco we got coke Akoto a man I knew was gonna screw up Crisco tia ko Teo even though Tucker just like you told me three times that essay is last name from masslive dot com correct and also yes absolutely covers the red Sox and was going through with you guys about like how the baseball season might look in all this I thought I had a very very interesting like throw away you know answer to a to a very complicated question and it has baseball struck out so badly that there are now in opportunity for in the NBA which is the most the logical choice to move its start date and say you know what baseball I I would like to come after you now because everyone is going to take down this giant of the NFL it is impossible to do although want to see I don't know there's this grave this could obviously change some things yeah and like I said with season ticket holders and that whole mess with all four sports who knows who's going to come out looking the best in this but one thing I do know for sure is we've been talking about it for a very long time is that baseball in this whole mess is just leaving us up to what we feel is gonna feel like post nineteen ninety four if you were a kid like me that was really disappointed during that time in adult whatever it is I know that baseball has lost you at some point and we all keep saying what is going to eventually make this look like or at least from my perspective because I look at horse racing and the way that people talk about that you know when I was growing up and how the ponies always be there baseball always be there is a part of you know americana I think summers could change very very easily if the NBA acts quickly and decisively to say yes absolutely change our season four it has to start in December January February you pick one of those months that happens there we all know just as the XFL proved nothing happens in February and we'll all be paying attention to it we also don't know if there's going to be college football in our appetites might have to be you know really really watered into sports or you know even going back and forth I thought it was baffling that you think that conversation that major league baseball's like I didn't even ditching the day game aspect of whatever the season is going to be which is also ridiculous but it just goes to show you how inept they are in thinking about well a lot of these things hopefully that changes because day baseball is who desperately needed during during these times if you are going to have sports is people are gonna be at home you know it's not like we're always gonna be jumping right back into the massive workforce inputs will come in with open arms people are gonna be working from home people still don't have jobs I would like to watch baseball during the day if you know it's feel little gun I'm just throwing that out there but I think it is time for somebody to go after baseball two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four I don't want that the only thing to be a part of my summers look at all the stuff that we have.

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