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58 at kcbs back to the bus crash at Sarah Monte, Victor's report sponsored by Shane company. He's in your local Honda dealers traffic center. Yeah, we're also keeping you up to date with this on our Twitter at kcv FM traffic and we retweeted a video from there as well. It looks like the sheriff department is asking if you can stay away in daily city for the ceremony from all ceremony center out for ceremony boulevard right by the target the south side of the target right next to the Wells Fargo for one that parking lots just solid right now it's a Sam trans that crashed into quite a few cars and of course the surrounding streets are just going to be solid at the moment, but they're asking if you can just stay away from the area. It would help them out a lot with the investigation. They don't have to deal with such a congested area. And they're going to be out there for a few hours. So these usually do take a while. So right off the ceremony, boulevard at the moment, I see a little bit of brake Tapping right by the Wells Fargo right by the entrance by target, but other than that, it's looking pretty good, but if you can just stay away for a while, we'll definitely keep an eye on this and give vessel she's up next, you'll also keep an eye on this as well. And as far as two 80 through that area passing ceremony boulevard in both directions, north and southbound. That, at the moment, very light traffic, so traffic is moving very well. Your next traffic update is at two O 8 wicke investor on the traffic leader KCB S. In our kcbs reporter bob butler is on his way to the scene at Sarah Monte. Clear and sunny, but cooler today look for temps only in the mid 50s. Traffic and weather together on the 8th and all news one O 6 9 and a.m. 7 40, K CBS, where it's Friday, December 2nd, 2022, coming up. I'd like to wall in South San Francisco, where healthcare workers and hospital staff are honored for their work on the front lines during the pandemic. I'm Marty schaeffer with why the FDA has pulled Eli Lilly's COVID

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