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You I mean I don't know you know everybody's different but that's just you know I- pathetically I don't know it's just very last thing I'd be thinking of. And then they did find these tools not far from the truck where they were scattered like just taking off and just has dropped. So it's like they gave up on that idea completely and A bunch more. We won't get in to bother you guys worth it. It doesn't matter it's not important for this so all right so now you guys got him in in your car. You're driving him and I know that I guess you're just having a conversation. You know friendly conversation asking them what was going on With which I don't believe he did say anything more about Jeffrey or especially him being missing that. Hey My friend is missing. He's still in in the woods other than just I was with my friend. And we got what he's saying that just studied they got lost or you remember specifically so at first he was saying how they their truck work down and he didn't know where it was at. I was like well. Where's your friends like? Can we go get him like how. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's you know it was worrying. That person was out there by themselves so we were He you know he he. He would just saying that he didn't know you know had been days and so I would ask you know. Well how long or what is the lesson him. You know no just and he just kept changing his changing. Yeah days to one day to out. Yeah sorry no totally he arn he was kind of negatives about his brand new probably did at stalling did it seem like he was like stalling for for time to me like not saying anything not really bringing it up because I had also heard that as he was coming down he stopped at. Somebody's home home and ask for the ranger station. But that's it didn't say anything about Jaffrey. Missing is one where the ranger station was. So big I pointed it out and then there was one other place I think a trailer home or something. Somebody don't ask the same thing but he never did go to the ranger station as we all know. Obviously I don't know why kept asking for this but to me it's it's almost like just stalling for something. Yeah it was. And then he he kinda he started talking about how stupid and the thought that native naught You know any talking crap about and then he went. It was so weird. He went off on how they were. You could feel like money out of the boxes that yeah I was going to get to that too. Yeah that's weird just you know. Just a few doesn't even know you and then he wants you to stop and by break into these forestry boxers or something tax money helping like he knew he needed help to right not urgency not being there in more of getting the help if that makes no that makes complete sense. I mean your friend is still up in the woods lost somewhere and who knows what kind of condition and like you said. Yeah just went. Went from that to nothing not a care in the world have enough time to start freaking you get money Asked you guys said before that I mean God's aid ask you have been lost up there. Would you have a couple of dollars you know for me to make a call or did he ask anything like that. Before is first option being. Let's break into boxes. She did not So I I write in you know. We agreed greed athletes start talking. We offered him. We had water. Pop Beer sandwiches we had. I mean we were. We had everything he took career and corn nuts. And I was so bad I was like. Oh that's really weird. I and I offered him again after he grabbed rugby. Sign that you're not hyperthermic either. You're grabbing a beer and then if you're also coming down you might WanNa grab that you're to to help become down to think about because it was Mickey's beer so like you know so I don't know thinking good somewhat. You're right but anyway yeah. He almost like he's making. That's what I was going to get to that later but yeah it's like he's trying too hard slipping back and forth between two different rules of being upset panicked but then like you said. Let's talk about that war again. Where he's talking ended up Jeffrey? Then he stooped this the say like they had been fighting or anything or what even brought up the point of him being a jerk run ass or he was. He was talking about something about how his cousin is married to Jeffords. Data I can't I I honestly yeah. I'm not really sure exactly but he was. Yeah I gotTA visiting so you're not going to know any of these. Yes so the cousin or whomever it was a dumb ass for dating him and or married him. I don't know so it I don't really know what it brought it up. He just kind of went off. Yeah and again strange thing to say because you're supposed to be really tight good friend Yang and again if they're missing that's the last thing I would be thinking of and left. It was brought up in a way that he was just really upset over what was going on something which is kind of just releasing it or saying that Jeffrey something to get law against missing. He wasn't really worried about Jeff like it wasn't like a secondhand thought. Were we would bring it up and he would comment but it already been anything he probably would not have said anything kind of thing it was more. We pushed him for information and he would love to give and only think adapt applewhite. You would have had to of if if anything suspicious because you know if you keep asking these out saying anything I mean maybe those two other people he could get away with just because it was just a quick you know hey. Can you point me to the ranger station. You know. That's it Not Hey a mark of an out your days and because right away the I'm sure those people would have been well but let's call nine one one I People lost out your days Are you have you been out here with anybody else. You know. So sounds like he didn't put himself in that position to even be able to be asked questions But he's making sure that he's being seen coming down the mountain Unless he really didn't know how come down. I don't know that to speculating. Course I wait for me to know Okay so you get to the to the store and I think from what I read. You guys did loan him a little bit of money. Yeah it's ten dollars off message to girlfriend using our cell phone on Facebook Messenger. drippy didn't know where number still not the police girlfriend your girlfriend. Yeah and that time she called and we are still driving down and they talked for. I don't know how Mitt Yeah ten minutes maybe five minutes and then sketched out. I catch anything thing in that conversation. Was it just just him just talking. Nothing again about Jeffrey. Nothing about he. He didn't say much about him that he couldn't find him he would. He was missing but he was. He was more worried about getting back to his girlfriend. Yeah back while they with how we're I don't know he told us where they live and in Roseburg nother. Yeah the town Eh. Continue driving him. Yeah at that after that. I'm sure door. He took a a pop pop. We gave him like ten Buck Ken. aww And he's there so again the caller to let her know that we would not take any body know about the beer. That is interesting on rented up again said so he take with an any food with. Could you say you cord nuts and I had the corner of a beer. Yeah it was. It was close is to Valentine's Day so I literally had like Ham rose any kind of meat. Royal Food A SMORGASBORD and he and I kabeer encor nuts and I was like well and like we have become offering water food water. Hold water store. And he didn't want anything. Yeah Yup the for days I mean because there's not a Lotta water sources. You can't eat snow. You know that again. I'm sorry and then he was really mad that we wouldn't dryden further when we owe like made his girlfriend's house or yeah. Yeah when when I told him when I let him know that we were going to have to stop at the store and leave him there he like. I wouldn't say upset set. The officer asked me like well. What do you need up to them? Just got right. Yeah we were going to help him anymore. No no no. I'm glad you didn't see knows. I mean that's already super strange behaviour. I told you You waited did Until the police got there I guess at some point he did know all we actually just let him in there And then we say another night and Roseburg another city Like oh car. That's the bigger wrong right on a little bit bigger and then got the home that day the next day and Jamie was contraband contacted by a deputy or start. Oh County so so that when we found out that the friend was still missing and that missing a personal report was being filed and then they then they interview you asking you these questions. Yeah about our conversation. We told them. Basically what we told you. Arkansas and they said it was hypothermia and that was normal and then it's been normal and they never said it they like it seems suspicious or anything seems suspicious to you the asset. Well the cops that we thought he was sketchy and suspicious suspicious. He kind of brushed off saying it was always just hypothermia and when we said Oh he wasn't why or anything. Am I not asking mentioning or saying anything about his friend. Being missing time you saw him. He didn't have a jacket off. So that was it off. And it wasn't with him like he was holding it. It was just gotten so go away the first time you saw the ad the jacket come down the second time he didn't it was totally. It was gone completely when the when we passed him the first time I remember him kind of like you know when you get colds holding you kind of like shake your arms up and down. Yeah.

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