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Had one called back so sexton had called back. Cause according to his official preseason snaps he has one target with no receptionist. So that's my only thing. i. I like matthew sacks. I think he's a great story Andro bar wrote a great article about him in talked about some toxic as high school. Coach and stuff is a really great piece but man if he can't catch the ball as background be vishwa option. Receiver is ray. Ray mcleod's job even add in jeopardy this. I mean you're gonna waste of too bad for a return exactly what i'd said. Well let let me Let me play devil's advocate here. Because dave made a comment last week well don't even just to come last week. I believe the crux of his show. Today was about on steeler stack. Eke was about the fact that you need to have special teams of ability to Some of these guys that are fighting for roster spots on defense and everywhere else they need to have special special teams ability right. Yeah so with that being said i think they look at look at it a little different. I could bring up guys like allen rossum in two thousand seven. I can bring up guys like Dairies hayward bay mates catches but stefan logan in two thousand ten. You have guys like that. That were soul kick returners and last year for a good bit of time. So was ray ray mcleod. Just a return man. I think he kind of made the team last year. We didn't see him in preseason action but he made the team as a return man even more because of the ability that he showed and he then he turned around and they started throwing them. Those little bubbles screens and and passes like that and he showed he showed some worth their. So i think he was. He was a kick returner. I and hey oh. This guy's got some talent. Let's see what we can do here. But you know the kind of passes that you throw ray ray mcleod. Matthew sexton is probably going to show that same type of ability. You know. I mean you. I know you. They've seen it at camp. We have not but that doesn't mean that it's not that it can't happen because you. How many times have you seen. Ray mcleod catch a ball anywhere more than three yards downfield so then i mean not disagree. You're absolutely right. Both of you are absolutely right. I think when you're looking at return man. It might be a little different animal for what they look. Look for. he's gonna have to break one. He's got to break one week four to make the team. I think he's a practice squad guy possibly sexton that is but for me on offense. I'm gonna go with. I'm for some reason hammered with how they're gonna handle the tight ends. The top two are obviously locks. But you've kevin gentry and then you throw in trey. Edmunds is like this back. Tightening person in thinking there. I don't think they're gonna keep four tight end tight ends anyways i do. They're gonna keep three. I mean raider is more likely to get to the practice squad if they want to do it that way i think gentry is more likely but edmonds is intriguing in a lot of ways i just. I'm anxious to see what gentry can do. He hasn't had a lot of reps outside of blocking. Maybe they'll give him an opportunity. I think yes pretty decent hands. If i remember correctly but boy. He's gotten rave reviews this training camp about transforming his body and really turning into a well rounded tight end real. Quick guys ask you. Brian serves you. How do you think they handle this tight end. How many to key. What do they do with someone. Like trey edmunds even entertain keeping a trailer. Yeah because he's a company man and he's done a lot of things for this team. He's a dirty work type of guy. You're blue collar guy that you could put on the practice squad. You could put here. If he's put on the practice squad you see him again. I think eligibility debut can help me out with this a lot like last year like as as far as practice squad ability. So you know we've seen some good things from edmonds not a lot of things but that blue collar stuff works now. of course both fryer. Excuse me botha gentry. An raider are not gonna make the team together. It's going to be one of those but we've got us. We've gotta just realize the matt. Canada offense might come into play in that number. Three guy might be an h. Back they might wanna go in that direction because you have you have more of that ability because you're not gonna keep to fullbacks either. The only other thing that i can think of is if they do what not a lot of people would would think they would do but they go ahead and cut. Derek am i. Am i saying oh they should cut there wa no. I'm just saying that could be an out of left field surprise. Play where they go ahead man. He's what three million dollars a year. And that's a guy that they can move off of the roster in a cost cutting move and keep edmonds there and and possibly go with a gentry or a raider. So i don't see i don't see four tight ends but i could see the possibility of an h. Back or maybe the fullback being everything. I remember the guy from tennessee. That was the my gosh. His name is escaping me right now but for years. He was that that h back that kind of revolutionized that h back position. Who am i thinking of. You know what. I'm talking about white. Check frank white check there it is so i mean i could see them looking at that role and if they look at that role with frank y check guy. There's another guy that. I don't expect to make the team because it was running ability but i could possibly think of number thirty eight. Jalen samuels in a role like that as well. Let's say you dave on the whole tight end age bag type debate. Well it's funny. Because i think we took was it. I'm giving my shows mixed up. It might have been on scarborough or something that we were talking about jaylen samuels and it was the whole notion of jalen. Samuels is a guy that you thought could maybe that h back but trey. Edmunds is doing it better. And actually playing in that role and they haven't done jalen samuels in that role so right. Now here's the question. Just put it out there. I doubt it any chance. The return of benny snell is actually in that in an eight. You'd think they put him in it in the back to say that he might be the guy that they're wanting to do those kinds of things. I don't know instead of a trey. Edmunds but i will say this. Here's the thing about trey edmunds. Because he has so. He's in a normal year. He would not know what had been years the past he would not be practiced quite eligible. But now that you can have up to six veterans may get paid a little bit more but unless this change the last and i was trying to figure this out i had seen it did you. There's just a minimum salary for a practice squad. If the steelers cleared out salary cap space you could pay a guy on the practice squad. What is normal. Salary would be to keep him from going to another team so they wanted to keep someone like trey edmunds. And then you can elevate two players every time you know but granted that adds to who you have active and everything else but if they want to keep their young guys on the fifty three i mean but but whatever once you elevate him twice then he after that he'd have to go through waivers and stuff like that which makes it tricky but if that's something you want to start off the season until maybe there's an injury somewhere else. 'cause that's not with trae. Trey edmunds last year. He was on the practice squad and then ended up on the on the regular roster later in the year is injuries happened so those are other options. But i'm very intrigued by that them using that role that could make it very that makes it tricky trying to predict this fifty three man roster so i could see someone like that sneaking in. I don't think it would be in place of a derek. What i think it would be in addition to all right. So that's the offense side of the ball. We come back after this break. We're gonna be talking about the defense side of the ball is well awesome over under an trivia. So if you're listening on the audio side head over to partout if you're watching live on facebook or youtube don't go anywhere we aren't going anywhere. We are back after this is..

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