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Is also closed the southbound I. five offramp to Berkeley street is also closed overnight until about four forty five I'm J. Phillips como twenty four seven traffic the calm forecast from the eco roof weather desk you're calmer weather good evening arts Sanders partly cloudy tonight slight chance of showers overnight lows near fifty tomorrow mostly cloudy slight chance of showers the morning chance of showers in the afternoon mid sixties Wednesday cloudy chance of showers morning showers likely by afternoon near sixty showers likely Thursday morning showers in the afternoon sixty degrees mostly cloudy Friday chance of showers low sixties partly sunny Saturday with highs in the upper sixties mostly cloudy Sunday slight chance of showers memorial day partly sunny slight chance of showers lower seventies overnight lows around fifty that's your latest weather from the como forecast team on Memorial Day we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice lose commitment to military personnel is bigger than just one day we were founded by two GI and today we're proud to employ over twenty thousand veterans that's why we honor the sacrifices military families have made and why we've committed to saving military families nearly three billion dollars over the past three years for a ten percent discount we honor every single day lows thanks you for your service to the home Lowe's home unites us switch to sprint to get our best unlimited deal ever four lines of unlimited for just a hundred dollars a month if that's not enough for throwing in for Simpson galaxy phones on us shop from the comfort of your home at sprint dot com call eight hundred sprint one or come see us in our stores phone after thirty five forty two per month critically too much credit applied into bills of cancel early remaining balance due on the basic after seven thirty one twenty one for thirty five dollars per month per line without updating the privatization during congestion coverage and often not available for exchange activities in Romans be maximum he's real thirty dollar activation fee and fifty to five still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself in the head rates are at historic lows at the same time home values gone up roughly fifty percent in the last several years maybe it's time to put that equity to work by paying off high rate credit cards personal loans or remodel your house hi I'm Wesley Hogan with Westland financial let us put in the position to do any of these things with no lender fees that's right you'll never pay lender fees whether to conventional FHA or VA loan we've been doing this for twenty years now maybe you just want to lock in a lower rate refinance at a paying mortgage insurance all it takes a five minute phone calls having saved thousands of dollars a year to call west one eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine it's the biggest no brainer in the history of mankind call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine that's eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine an exponential mortgage corporation DBA west London adolescence number C. L. three three zero four and a three three zero four eligible you closing letter stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven the events leading up to the eruption of mount St Helens forty years ago raised questions in the days that followed questions about whether political leaders heeded the warnings of scientists or whether scientists downplayed the danger more from homeowners Ryan Harris those questions were explored a year later by komo journalists Mike Nestor often John Sandifer who reported that between March fifteenth and may eighteenth nineteen eighty there were.

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