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Jack Callaghan. Fox news. A federal judge has ordered the government that more migrant families separated at the border be reunited, federal judge daynuss Abrazos already ordered more than twenty seven hundred migrant children to be reunited with their parents. That order applied to kids who are in custody as of June two thousand eighteen but now the judge expand sad order applying it to children separated from their families in twenty seventeen that order comes after a report by the health and human services departments internal watchdog, which says more children may have been separated by Trump administration policies since the summer of two thousand seventeen the ACLU had sued over the practice of separating children from their parents, saying the administration's devastated these families, Jill NATO, a school bus reportedly carrying a middle school softball team has been involved in a fiery crash in southeast Oklahoma one student. Reported dead along with two people at an SUV and other people hurt after Jesse Spolete delighted by a grand jury Chicago for allegedly faking a hate crime and lying the police about it. The indictment actually expands the case against him in two ways he was facing one felony count for disorderly conduct. Now, he's facing sixteen felony counts. But the grand jury also returned to separate sets of charges for making false statements to two different Chicago police officers and those stories were different. Remember, he gave one statement shortly after the alleged attack and another later the same day where he told police about the racist and homophobic slurs that they yelled maga- country beat him up. Put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on them each set of charges carries a possible penalty of four years in prison. Trace gallagher. More Garrett goes the attorney for small let's says these new indictments are unnecessary and vindictive..

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