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To get some action. There's also built in part. Action against any potential budget cuts in the future. The bill is back up for discussion next week. Donnie Burgess 93. W I. B C Mobile news. An officer is on leave after a shooting Thursday afternoon at 30th and Shade, Lynn Police say two people were arguing when they both got out of their cars and started shooting at each other. A nearby I MPD officer than fired his gun. The two people of 44 year old man and a 19 year old man were both shot, but they're in stable condition. It's unknown if the two knew each other or if the officer shot them in Indiana Senator Mike Brown is not a fan of President Biden's pick to have California attorney General Xavier Bas era as the next health and human Services Secretary. Bron told Fox Business. I think it's gonna be them. Perfect wing man for the Bernie Sanders approach Tonto Healthcare. He fears that Mr A will embrace a department that will push for greater government input over America's health care system. Johnson and Johnson says it's Corona virus vaccine is 66% effective against Cove In 19. However, the drug maker says the shot may be less effective against the new strains. The company is still expected to ask the FDA to approve emergency use authorization for the single dose vaccine. As early as next week. Yeah. Coming up. We have more stories talking about the school. In Indiana, possibly starting after Labor Day, Ashley Fowler will have that story is coming up on 93 WNBC coming up on turning cats. Today. Gamestop and Robin Hood, Ted Cruz and a Casio Cortez, You're gonna need a drink Tony Cats today at noon on 93 wnbc gunshots between suspects and a SWAT team in Wabash County. It was the Qazi Osco County Sheriff's Department SWAT team that came down to execute a search warrant at a home in Wabash. When they busted in the door and got inside. There was an exchange of gunfire, according to state police. No officers were hurt in the melee, but two people inside Roger hip skin and another woman hips skin died at the scene. It's not clear yet why they wanted to search the home, but state police say it was part of a criminal investigation being conducted by the Wabash County Sheriff's Department. Kirk Darling 93 w Y B C Mobile News Your kids start school after Labor Day. Public schools in the state would not be allowed to begin classes until after Labor Day, says a bill being proposed by senators Dennis Cruise, Jean Lice Ng and Linda Rogers. The new rule would be in place for the 2022 23 school year. Opponents say it should be up to school district's to decide when classes begin. Ashley Fowler 93 WNBC Mobile news He thought he was meeting up with a new female friend he met online, but now he's in jail. Shane in Richmond communicated with who he thought was a woman interested in Partying with him and buying some of his meth. When Richmond Grove to the Newcastle Walmart to meet up with the woman, he quickly realized he had actually been talking with a member of the Henry County Drug Task Force. Richman is now facing charges of dealing meth and unlawful possession of syringes did former Pacers guard Victor Oladipo take a verbal jab Indiana Thursday night? Depot was interviewed on TNT after his Houston Rockets won the game. So fortunately, no going through my career just feels like you know, people keep kind of quitting on me, but you know it's a part of life and I embrace.

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