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Biden's choice to be. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen collected more than $7 million in speaking fees and 2019 and 2020. They came from major financial firms and tech giants including city, Goldman Sachs and Google. Ohio State, now one step away from winning another national championship after ripping Clemson Justin Fields through for six touchdowns and number three Ohio State eventual last season's painful semifinal loss. The clumps in with a 49 28 victory over the second ranked Tigers, Fields outplayed Heisman finalist Trevor Laurence going 22 of 28 for 385 yards. He's had a Sugar bowl record for TD passes for playing more than half the game after taking a vicious shot to the side. Lawrence was 33 of 48 for 400 yards and accounted for three touchdowns He engineered to scoring drives that gave the Tigers of 14 7 lead before Ohio State took over. I'm Dave Ferrie. Breaking news and analysis at town home dot com. Oklahoma has launched a Santonio remembrance of a once thriving black neighborhood in Tulsa. The city's Greenwood district has received recognition during America's reckoning over police brutality and racial violence Friday. Emmy Award winning actress and Tulsa native Alfred Woodard and US Senator James Lankford both delivered remarks via video to a small crowd gathering at the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park. Violence erupted in May in June of 19. 21 when a white mob killed 300 black people and wounded 800 more while burning 30 blocks of black owned businesses and homes. Jason Walker reporting Chewie is using a personal touch in a bit of a kitsch to hook customers the online pet store since 1003 paintings every week to select customers tapping into the people's obsession with their pets. For these stories in town home dot com. Releasing Mary's of five to start off this weekend on the rise and mix of clouds and sun with the high warming up to 55 degrees, Then cloudy tonight with rain late.

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