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Paul harvey work light supports lays who gold bond hottest were a desperate manhunt for to georgia prison escapees ends with help from some lawabiding gun owners usa's chris barnes as details the to escape inmates wanted for killing two prison guards in georgia on tuesday taken into custody after a car chase that turned into a foot pursued d donny russell row and ricky do boast ended up trying to steal another vehicle from home where the homeowners had guns that one time though the homeownership dale and hailed the people there by gunpoint and deputies showed up your time later taking the two into custody i'm chris barnes president trump is turning back the obama administration's deal so with cuba the story from terry more speaking in miami trump said the obama cuba deal was completely onesided and noted he is ready to renegotiate a free cuba is what we will soon achieve president obama started normalising relations with cuba in 2014 trump called a terrible and mr guided and now that i am your president america will expose the crimes of the castro regime trump's action is not a full roll back the us embassy in havana remains open there will be new restrictions on americans seeking to travel to cuba i'm to remove intelligence experts are trying to confirm a report that the leader of isis may be dead rush ministry of defence as an airstrike had carried out last month in syria may have killed abu bacher alba dottie i'm richard strong usa radio news this will work just screaming special announcement is wore business owners and leaders of organisations.

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