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Was to tell his towel her mother who was living with us she had on giant or not we i thought she was going to die we told because let's face it you you know you'll meant to go i the older person's meant to go first your your child is not meant to go i even if she was forty eight that's doesn't feel right so we got an onto in house and mine and we told her and she was okay but my father couldn't do anything so i took on the role of wife or home housekeeper if you lie not wife housekeeper and i had to do laundry i had to do cooking because my grandmother was too old and had angina and i had to go to school and i had to do homework and it was just very very difficult if i didn't fold shirts right he'd screw them up turn them on the front orange told me to do it again so it was hard he started dating shortly after my mother died he started dating his secretary who was again a wonderful woman i have to say if you didn't if he asked me he asked me if he if he could marry her which i thought was incredible i never thought he'd ask but he asked me and i said yes and do you know if he was gonna marry a witch i would have said yes because i was so dumb with doing everything and so tired and so exhausted it a he just had to have a woman in his life who would who would run his life phone that woman was not going to be made and not for long so it was hard but it you know you're just have to pick up an undo what you have to do we know one when what what you're talking about it's interesting because well first of all i have to say fortunate for me i never had any of that i did come from very loving and warm family my dad did work a lot because he was a pharmacist in the owned his own pharmacy and it was in a really small town so he would leave early in the morning and come late at night but still you know there.

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