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I think it's part of why they're very embarrassed in short order because they go, oh my God, my life is different. Now. That's what sports does. It does except we, there's another story we should be doing. We won't get into today will in this block with little basketball, talk, Tony, LeBron James addressed all manner of things yesterday including this on the occasion of dedicating his own school in accurate one of the topics publicly for the first time was the Lakers of his new team. LeBron quote, I don't feel like this is even a rebuilding year for us. We have an opportunity to do something. A lot of people don't think we can do close quote, Tony, given the mishmash of talents and personalities, sim bolt LeBron being optimistic. LeBron James, unlike you and I go to sleep every night knowing he's the best basketball player in the world, and he thinks to himself, I can make everybody around me better too. I don't lose. I've been in eight straight finals or whatever it is. I believe the brawn James can win fifty by himself with whatever they've got now. And I also believe the LeBron James and Magic Johnson likely, Brian James, and whoever was there in Cleveland, but a middle of the year. They're gonna be bringing in new people and people that fit in that within the I think they will. I think they'll so no. No, I don't. I never think he's being to optimistic to look at what they've done. I know they got a couple of crazies on this team. Yes. I also know that LeBron is with young guys like Kouzmin Ingram who are a place for keeps. I know he's Rajon Rondo every time he gets in a playoff the minute. Who is there with? He'd beats people up. Yeah, so so he's got an intellect about him that LeBron will come to love it. He can challenge the Brown and I look at this roster. I think yet, yeah, these guys could be second or third in a west. Just wanna bring up one point because he praised land Stevenson, javale McGee Michael Beasley. Any said, quote these guys who loved to play basketball wake up and think basketball, everything else is secondary. I love that. And what I would say LeBron is LeBron you don't wake up and everything is secondary to basketball. You just built a school for yourself. You just moved to LA because you're thinking about the Knicks business, the TV and film business, maybe that's okay for those guys like your, your large, your large, you don't even do that thinking that he does. Let's take a break coming up. Jim horrible making good point about the downside of eating chicken, Harbaugh chef now pretty much Tristesse. Listen to him which controversy she Roger could be move worried about the anthem or the helmet. You'll, I feel like I'm gonna heavyweight fight because I'm sitting what. Just.

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