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I WANNA say something. That was really real We can't get into the specifics but KP was One of the heads of this very big company and he was at the end. Can I tell this part? He was at the end of his tenure I spent over three hundred thousand dollars on God box And I was just at the end. I was at the end of my rope like I wanted to do Album you know. This was before the conscious. What would people would call? The woke movement started and I wanted to bring a conscious album to my people and I spent so much money doing a reset. I was doing a recession remember. I spent three hundred thousand of my own money without a record label and I just didn't. I just didn't have much much money and let kp here. The God box. He said the most powerful thing to me. He said David Banner if you need to spend some time on his album he said because if you have the album in the wrong order or you picked the wrong songs. He said that'd be the difference between having a classic album and just having album people say it's dope and then they throw it away. He say Bro. Wherever I have a no you didn't spend out. He said whatever I have road you can use it. He said I don't know how long I'm GonNa have the stuff that I have but whatever I can give you. That will help you finish your album. You can have And we don't do that much not just as black people we as human beings. Don't do that much and I don't know if it meant as much to him to make him an executive producer of my album. But I meant that with all my heart and I meant that for you too. Regina because that was when we first we didn't really know if he was gonNA start working together yet. You were helping me with some things and you really set up. The sessions made sure everything was straight for me and I. I really really really appreciate them. David Banner you sexiest. Fuck Sell Malcolm Bad. Still let me smack on DP COPPER DOT bricks with no casino line. I made them all the guys. They got his own mind. Any body tricks no hocus pocus autonomy. I'm not to be.

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