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So they did rework some things, and that's, you know, for mardi Morin wig to you know, to to to to Greg Rome into to urban to all the guys in that staff. Like, they did some things to make an off to put together an offense to make it work for both guys. They're able successfully do that we saw that in September. And now, I think you're seeing some of the natural regression where teams have got tape on what they're doing. And they're starting to catch up to it. And so this is kind of I think some natural growing pains here question number three which divisions. Do you think are locked have multiple playoff teams? I thought this question was interesting. That's from at Joey Deeks at Joey go Deeks Joey card, I'm assuming this is a demon deacon 'cause he's at the little top hat there. Which divisions. Do you think are locked to have multiple playoff teams? I don't know that there's anybody. I any I will consider a lock I think the closest thing to a lock would be the NFC south the falcons are playing really well, and you got Carolina. There which you know, I think Carolina will be the best team in a bunch of other divisions and they're playing on offense and a very creative in different manner. Cam Newton's playing great the Panthers. And I think the saints are locked the Panthers are getting closer to being a sure bet to get in the playoffs and the saints. I think are locked to get in. So the NFC closest thing to locked have multiple playoff teams. And I think the number two division in the league that I would look at along. Those lines would be the AFC west where I think the chiefs are absolutely getting in. No newsflash there. And the chargers are pretty good bet to get in our question number four from Jake MAs. That's Atma's Jake do genuinely believe James Connor is as good a running back as loving on bell. Or is the Steelers offensive line? Just that good. I think James Connor like I said earlier is proof of how easy it is to replace a really good running back. But what I mean by that is replace a really good running back with someone who may be ninety or ninety five percent of what the previous guy was. And so no, I don't think James is quite as dynamic as levian bell. I don't think he's quite the receiver. Levian bell has been even though he has put up good numbers in the passing game. But he's plenty good enough to win with. And again, this is part of the problem. Running backs have is to easy to find guys at that position. And so no, I don't think James Connors is good as loving bell. But I think he's plenty good enough to win to win with. And that creates a problem for all running backs and FARs where your draft it. How you're paid and all the rest of it question. Number five from Michael cazar at Michael chasms should the buccaneers cleaned house. I probably happens. I'm not gonna say whether they should or not. But I think it probably happens. Jason lies done a pretty decent job. Putting that roster together. But typically, you don't get a third head coaching higher. And they've really push their tape. The chips the middle of the table with cutter last year after the Gruden fluid flirtation fell apart they double down under cutter and Dirk cutter turns around he hands play calling off to Todd monkeying. They did the things that you do when a coaches they did some of the things that you do when the coaches getting his last shot. And so I think this is cutters last shot. I there's a good chance. He's gone already fired his defensive coordinator, and that would put Jason light on shaky ground because again typically, and I I know lovey Smith wasn't as higher. But typically, you know, GM's don't see it to third coach if they haven't made the playoffs over their tenure question number six final question for the week from air D at air football John Harbaugh to Denver next season. And this is an interesting one because I do think that there's a good chance that John Harbaugh is somewhere else in two thousand and nineteen. I don't think. Inc. That. I don't think John Harbaugh would have Denver at the top of his list. Do I think he would..

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