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As for central and western Montana Wednesday some snow in north central Idaho you're sixty six in Billings Montana very warm day on Wednesday in the southeast many cities eighty five to ninety cities such as San Antonio Houston New Orleans and Jacksonville Florida out west again a large supply of sun for California partly to mostly sunny San Diego to Los Angeles that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio to help you pay bills here's another chance at one thousand dollars on KTRE takes the nation wide keyboard hope H. O. P. to two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and into a standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest text to two hundred two hundred this is news radio seven forty KT R. H. Houston now the latest news weather and traffic from the gallery furniture making America studios good morning six AM on Houston's morning news on Jimmy bird along with sure fire among our top stories this half hour governor Abbott is lifted more closures get your hair cut at a salon starting on Friday if you can get an appointment it is six oh eight life at United Airlines on paid vacation days and thirty percent layoffs details of the minutes ahead you're in Houston's morning news first we're checking on your drive usually the hardest we got a wreck on the outbound side of sixty nine the southwest you're passing five twenty seven trying to get to Dunleavy and it's going to back us up beyond.

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