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Baby is wife was a singer that he must have man when he was in the record business and he had a baby she had a baby and he audiotape he made an audio tape of it because there is no videotape picked and this is nineteen seventy two seventy two seventy one lady who see in seventy seventy one okay so our look up see what christina applegate was bored that'll that'll be the answer to seventy one seventy one and he brusquely brings in this audio tape and he brings me this record in gaza we take take this is my daughter being born and put it together with the the song from her mom because it's about having a kid ari someone into the production of mud blade mom my my greece pencil among blade momma tape must play some tape in i put together little masterpiece i'm not gonna lie nice and gave it to him and he played it and um that is that you know is one of those moments where it stuck with me and then when i when i played patch birth on the radio on at all so so many years later that's where i got the idea is wholly was bobby applegate nice me not essentially that's where i got the idea um mm and last week pat all was on a flight back from seattle sitting next to christina applegate no kidding less the damage has of taraf oh my gosh he he was were dolls so we always get the the inflight wifi sure after you have to in touch yeah and so he texted me uh didn't you know christina applegate dad she sitting next to me on flight and i want hell's yeah i did while and uh i i told him you know what to tell her ramona i think he'd knew the story but i reminded him and she said she remembered hearing that tape you know later yeah as a as an adult or whatever and she tried to text him he never answered back and then they they went their separate ways when they go to the orgy but while us coolly motor oh what are the odds of that right no kidding then i was the idea that he's still alive because he was one of the people that did the 12hour show oh boy from six p m six am yeah i'll take it a robert taylor terrible taylor who bobby applegate and barbara bird feather she.

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