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Stench port from the room Carl duck does he entered and beckoned his guests inside going and KRA at their hands on their swords with Baldwin tucked safely behind them. When Carl laughed they weren't in any danger anymore. It was over they had passed the test hand still on their swords go Wayne and Kate entered the room the floor was reddish Brown with it. That was paint or blood was too difficult to say at this point piled from floor ceiling in some places where the bones of those with stay before Chateau to Carl blitstein tunics with symbols of every sort fluttered in the rare breeze that pass through the room Carl sat down and top one pile of bones saying that he will he and his for animals had done all this. It was twenty winters ago. Twenty winters that he made a vow before God, it was a hasty vow. But it was a binding one. He vowed that no man should spend a night in his castle. Unless he did everything Carl asked him to do or else he will be killed until last night until going no night had survived the pledge. But now he would have been in the custom and all men will be welcome in his home going bowed, low before Carl saying that this was the just magnanimous decision Carl smiled it was because he finally found in night that lived his code of honor to the point that he would throw spiritus face and sleep with his wife Kay nodded. He was proud of going for doing ever, wait. What Karl continued for the sake of all these men who laid their slain he will build a church on the spot and provide for ten priests singing prayers for their souls until doomsday going nodded. It was kind of. Spotty consolation prize for not being alive. But sure those good enough well last they returned to their horses. They found them each Laden with gold enrich tapestries next to goin- source said another writer on a pal Frey. It was Karl's daughter. Let's say that Karl talked it over with her a painter consent. And she was now offering to marry sir Wayne go Wayne happily accepted and the four road off together when they met up with king. Arthur that afternoon, they told him the story of Carl and his castle and King Arthur decided that he had to go meet this man for himself with his retinue in tow Arthur found Carl to be kind and gracious host and Carl readily consented to be a Knight of king Arthur's court. He was dubbed Lord Carl of Carlisle, and he became one of the knights of the round table Sircar Lyle as he was called did construct a church the one that he promised. In addition of funding, ten months to say prayers there in perpetuity that churches supposedly the church of Carlisle. And it's still stands to this day. This is a fun story in kind of represents a conquest of sorts for Arthur, Arthur is extending his rule over the wild and strange lands that even though they're also in Great Britain, always represent some sort of other place, some quick points. This marriage of going is not canon for our podcast. He is a much more entertaining marriage story, whereas wife, actually has a name that one's insert Thomas. Mallory in the more, Arthur, and that's the one we're going to be going with also if you have any familiarity with Great Britain at all, you know, that Cardiff in Wales is like three hundred miles from Carlisle. So it's kind of a long trek for two nights in a Bishop to make in one go also full disclosure. I read one source for Carl was referred to as Carl. But in most places, he's referred to as the Carl with Carl being another name for a turtle which is another name for like a rube peasant. It was simpler and more fun. Refer to him as Carl instead of the Carl next week. We're back in Irish mythology with more stories of coup. Colon who finds love and fairyland. The only issue is that he's already married and his wife and her posse of armed women aren't taking his infidelity lightly..

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