Maria Bartiromo, Robert Muller, China discussed on Steve Forbes: What's Ahead


Here to help and if you would please rate review and subscribe to the show coming up my conversation with maria bartiromo hosted three popular fox news in business shows this week headlines were dominated by robert muller was he quietly recommending commending impeachment by what he said and didn't say house democrats want to move ahead with impeachment at least a growing number do but there's a bigger story out there that is not getting covered in with maria bartiromo we're gonna find out what the real deal is the real scandal that still remains largely uncovered but won't furlong because of people like maria bartiromo but first when i look at the week ahead here's what to look look out for in addition to all that impeachment talk trade uncertainty raines is never before china deal look like a certainty several weeks ago now people are no longer certain that a deal can be reached a comprehensive agreement can be reached in the next few weeks so much uncertainty hurts the stock market it hurts the bond market it hurts business investment which means it's going to be a damper on their economy to reports coming out next week one on manufacturing another on services these come from purchasing managers they're seen as good indicators.

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