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Home runs allowed well overlander gave up seven more he gave up thirty Saxon call give up twenty nine so the numbers basically almost the same you know not much of a difference in all of those numbers and burrowing under again and the caller is absolutely right the the voting is after the regular season and not with the the post season even though Werner lander was very vulnerable and very human so much so that we were thinking that Kate Hudson Kate Upton wasn't going to allow him back at home or if she was he was going to be sleeping on the count but burly under seventeen first place votes and coal thirteen and the at the numbers not to all that much different all right one eight seven seven three three so and sex sex sex sex is a number to call no fan we are around until Chris more tan but around now with the flash mob use first the chicken Agron has edged his name on to a short list of baseball pitchers tonight he became the eleventh pitcher in baseball history to win back to back cell young awards and just like last year it was by a near unanimous vote thirty first place votes cast the gramas that the top of the ballot on all but one and understated as always he was asked about his goals for next year I said it before and you know I guess I'll say it again the US the niece of pearls and I guess you know the personal goal for next year would be when I saw young in nineteen goal would be to win a World Series so you know hopefully I can go out there and and continue to try to improve that audio courtesy of SL lied to gramas the fourth man to win a Cy Young along with Tom Seaver Dwight Gooden N. R. A. Dickey the American League Cy Young Award winner is just overlander it's this second anyone of by being a teammate the Astros Gerrit Cole Jenson coach Adam gase will return next season that proclamation come from the top judge chairman and C. E. O. Chris Johnson made an announcement today nets guard caris levert reportedly has ligament damage in his right thumb that injury could sideline him at least several weeks that S. of turnaround assigned the former Knicks Iman Shumpert nets and Knicks off until tomorrow double to dial display right now doubles the senators are tied to one in the first Wayne Simmons as the devil's call Matt bars L. his eighth goal of the season islanders lead the maple Leafs wanted nothing in this report about to buy AutoZone.

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