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From NPR news in Washington I'm she's Stevens speaker house Nancy Pelosi is directing several top house leaders to begin drafting articles of impeachment against president trump because he says there's no other choice because trump is likely to corrupt the system to stay in power the matter will end up before the US Senate with the president retain strong support secretary state Mike Pompeii was dismissing the house intelligence committee's report on the impeachment inquiry as in Paris Michele Kelemen reports committee investigators describe Pompeii as a facilitator of efforts to get Ukraine to investigate trump's political rivals the house intelligence committee writes that trumps quote scheme to subvert US foreign policy toward Ukraine was undertaken with the knowledge and approval of senior administration officials including secretary pump fail it also criticizes Pompeii and others for withholding information from Congress and the American public secretary Pompeii was asked about the findings during a news conference in Portugal all answer only this it's just all wrong bay who was on the July phone call when trump mention the investigations his private lawyer was seeking in Ukraine the secretary consistently avoids questions about lawyer Rudy guiliani Michele Kelemen NPR news the state department authorities in Broward county Florida are investigating a deadly chain of events which began with the jewelry store heist in coral gables authorities say to robbery suspects carjacked the UPS truck kidnapped the driver then led police on a high speed pursuit that ended twenty miles away in Miramar FBI special agent in charge George bureau says the incident resulted in four deaths the arm suspects engage the law.

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