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For fourteen days and a dose of forty milligrams per kilogram for fourteen days with similarly efficacious in the rabbit pox model although the effective dose per kilogram was higher in rabbits exposure was lower the findings suggested that the non human primate was the more conservative model for the estimate of the required drug exposure in humans a dose of six hundred milligrams twice daily for fourteen days was selected for testing in humans and provided exposures in excess of those in non human primates no pattern of troubling adverse events was observed on the basis of its efficacy into animal models and pharmacopoeia medic and safety data in humans tico vera met is being advanced as a therapy for smallpox in accordance with the fda animal rule cabos xanten ebb in patients with advanced and progressing have had a cellular carcinoma by a son abu alpha from memorial sloan kettering cancer center new york cabos xanten ebb inhibits thyroxine kindnesses including vascular endothelial growth factor receptors one two and three met and axel which are implicated in the progression of hypolito cellular carcinoma and the development of resistance to sarah nip the standard initial treatment for advanced disease in this study seven hundred seven patients were randomly assigned to receive cabos antony or matching placebo at the second planned interim analysis.

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