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Camp back, folks. This is very. The Ray Lucia show. Glad to have you on board. We'll have some fun. It's time for emails. I just got one in on my cellphone because I tell you. Via Email me during the course of the show. I will go to them. Charles course, when he says L YES that means love your show. So Charles gets to go to the front of the line. What percentage of my portfolio Ray? Should I have as a new ties income very good question? Yeah. There's a lot of theories on this. I just mentioned the towers Watson study with happiness, and it was at least thirty percent. When I was going around the country discussing these things, I would usually use twenty five percent of the portfolio. But remember a newer ties income? Is really money. That's guaranteed or near guaranteed coming in every single month. And I would suggest that you look at that. In terms of your essential expenses covering those essential retirement expenses, housing food taxes healthcare, those sorts of things vacations. You know, you could always skip one. So, and I believe that there was a MorningStar study once upon a time that said annuity ising fifty percent of your retirement wealth gave you a ninety five or ninety seven percent degree of certainty that you'd be okay. And if he didn't annuity is it was seventy percent. The Warton study said you should begin by annuity ising as much of your retirement income to cover one hundred percent of your essential expenses..

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