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A simulation platforms go ahead and kind of try that out I think the hope obviously, they hope that you give it a try and and start betting that into your systems and. Against something that's still in the scientific stage using sound is nothing new to kind of determine space. It was used in cameras in the seventies autofocus it's using cars to to backup, but you know smarter Ai Smarter virtual or robot assistants that sounds kind of cool to me right rob. Yeah, this you know anything that's GonNa make these things more accurate You know I'm all for it in from reading in a little bit of research done. This is not terribly expensive you know. So you know when you start, you know strapping cameras everywhere on stuff that that has a cost to it This is using sound point directionally, and you know in microphones to listen to it. So it's it's going to be interesting just to see you know where this technology goes and I'm just wondering like what iterating of the Matrix are we in all this guy? Know I want the I robot that has this deployed just to be named daredevil or something like that because I think that that would just be a maybe too cute by half, but I would approve it and chuckle at the same time. But remember though to get all of your tech headlines each day in about five minutes, you could subscribe to daily tech headlines Dot Com. All right getting into our main discussion here since in nineteen lockdown started to take effect earlier this year we've seen the. Of Social, distancing, causing us all trying to figure out how to remotely engaging once routine activities. Right? I mean we've had things like this. This kind of all started it kind of. Based on my recollection of at least is around the necessities right kind of figuring out how you get to work and school remotely. That was kind of dominating a lot of the news in in March at least in the US here. Then as lockdowns have stayed in place, we've gradually shifted things like remote events. You know, how do we still kind of get together for for a shared event in the? US. We're now starting to see this play out in the sports world as well. I Taylor soper over geekwire wrote up his experiences about what remote NBA fandom looks like in the age of social distancing this evolve using the Microsoft teams together mode that places participants in a video call against a shared virtual background, and then allowing that person to see themselves with a big group of people and also having that broadcast. In the in the arena itself overall, he found that the setup to be daunting everyday fan to kind of get initially started but at the actual experience with solid and fun. Rob. Do the. From that Phantom perspective, it's. It is something that is tough to replicate. Virtually we've seen we've seen other sports kinda put the tokens in of okay. We're GONNA. Have we're GONNA have virtual fandom in that we're GONNA have paper cutouts of people sitting in the stands. You know the NBA is usually pretty pretty out front when it comes to technology from what you've seen of of this kind of experience you know does that fill the start filling the gap of of what's been missing from the fan? Experience. the NBA..

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