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The number to call is 888755 88 87 again Triple 8755 88 87 Get all the details. Read all the fine print starts with the phone call 888755 88. 87 Anthony tell us more about these first year bonuses up to 15 to 20% bonus is a very customary in fixed annuities. Most of the large insurance companies with millions of customers worldwide very highly rated. They offer bonuses and the bonuses in the programs we recommend. Go up to 15 to 20% and that bonus folks, That's real money. That's your money. It's real cash They put in your account. That's money that you have access to later. That's money that will be in your death benefit. So take the 20% bonus. $100,000. You literally have $120,000 the next moment when you get accepted in the program, a large 20% bonus. Ah, great way to go. Next immunity, safe conventional. Ah, lot of stockbrokers will ask you this question. What is your risk? Tolerance Well at Perry Financial Group, we have no tolerance for risk. What, so ever that's why we don't like losing money and risky investments. We don't like the Wall Street casino. But if we can't talk you out of that stock market action, Let us show you the right way to do it. There is a free option. In these fixed annuities called indexing, and that's the way to go. Well, that's the way to go, Ron, you're right fixed annuity folk that safe insured. You're getting guaranteed rate on these programs of up to 8% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income. But we take a free option. It's called Index and you could earn more interested..

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