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Get him lebron james what's said before he went to saint vincent's <hes> saint mary's is high school where he <hes> <hes> where he went for a while catholic school first time you ever been around white people he said. I thought why people hate us. I thought they were all against us and so i had the same attitude against them he says until until he went went to catholic school and realize that we're good white people but he assumed because he had never been around white people everything he'd read about. Why pete was that they were out to oppressed. Black people suppress all rights and he said i was shocked. When i found it wasn't true he still bears that illegitimate he the residual effects after a lot of the credit he does a lot right and it's sad because and i look i've been actually very nice to him because i think that he <hes> in other in other ways he he's really good for black community right married his high school sweetheart. He's amazing father and that stuff to me is the most important he's in in terms of leading by example. I think really is but this is a man that is so politically ignorant. I mean he. He knows absolutely nothing about politics. He tries to tell us how we should vote or how we should feel and remember when they came out there trump for saying that lebron james was stupid anybody watching our new interview yet of those two. I it's hard to make don lemon. Look look smart right. It is hard to looksmart lebron james well. If you're consensus is that america is racist and xenophobic homophobic nick and we need to undo everything that done in america. I don't think you should be at the forefront of it. I don't think that that's islamophobic. I don't think that that's anything but common sense. I'll tell you something when i first heard that two muslim women were running for congress russia the toledo nealon omar. I was so happy honestly. I was so happy i i said now we will have muslim woman who are going to be professional and spray peace and show americans that there's more than just nine eleven to islam this more than just care <hes> and more than qatar we are going to bridge edge between americans and the muslim people because that's what any sensible muslim will do the first thing is you coming with your head scarf and you want to show the world who you are especially she the u._s. congress. You're the focus of the global media and then. I'm like oh my god. She sent it back. I wanted her iphone. I four that she was going to be different from the extremists. She's exactly like them with lipstick. That's what i call her the ice with lipstick same ideology with lipstick same literally ahead same thing the u._s. S. forces that went to somalia. They're terrorists right not the ones they fought no. They are the terrorists everything to do with america when she's speaking about al qaeda. She's pissed off an angry at the university lecturer who she says she took a terrorism class. She probably means anti-terrorism clauses losses her lecture. When he mentioned al qaeda he mentioned that in a very negative tone al qaeda right hezbollah and she was upset that he never mentioned america with the same attitude you know america america is the real satan right and this is the problem with don. Omar omar is one not just ilhan all of the islamists are using democracy but they i don't believe in democracy why stay down of course they don't believe in democracy even the reformists the reformists who tell you we are. We don't like isis because we believe in democracy. That is a delusion. It's it's not right because almost no has to believe in what the koran says. The crown says you have to rule and judge only by the word of god. There's no separation of mosque in state in islam. That's really well. That's the direction. We're trading in right now. In western civilization it is nuts..

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