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I think our listeners would like to hear how doctors are reacting to the HR platinum let's bring doctor Levin on the line. Doctor Levin, you are an endocrinologist and professor from UCLA at and much much more. How are you doing? Well. Thank you. Awesome. So what is your experience? With HR platinum. I have a great deal of experience for several years because they have many patients who come in from every and I look at the whole picture, and what they need to do to treat them to make them better and has been one of the foremost ages today in my whole career which fans about thirty years. Okay. Awesome. So you obviously. We use the G HR platinum with your patients, what kind of results are they experiencing in general. An increase in their performance, whatever they do which can be sports or music or their work meeting, greater strength, greater endurance. Greater ability. They have greater awareness greater perception in their life. Experience some relationships so it seems like HR platinum has an overall effectiveness in these patients. Okay. Awesome. Sounds like there are other products. Why did you choose to use? The HR platinum above all the others. Looking at what is is is is number one in my mind. Then look to see a visit effectiveness and on and on and on. I looked at the product. And before you even give it to a patient. I took it myself..

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