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Summary factoring in integrating some mvm like pattern or something of that abstracting away some of those services prior to having up kobe's working on all pathogen right yeah so it does matter how you are protecting the first places as to how much struggle you're gonna have here but other pieces that you haven't implemented yet or haven't been implemented yet i think people are gonna run into so on on iowa's android our coverage is way higher because we've done so many ops on it so we on average to reach all those edge cases obviously on web essentially it is a technology preview so people were asking us about a tree view control that's not something we haven't committed just yet so you can see the list of all the controls that we do support today through the ground life layer to you can play with but we're augmenting dot coverage as we go so that will get more talking right that's why experimental preview it's far from production ready and you could always contributed self but you know that actually begs the question why are you open sourcing this project is you've been working on it for years it's clearly worth represents hours and hours of labor it's helped you build software for a long time why open source about the question right we have many beers before we decided to go with a lot of we can get community contribution for people to fill in the gaps and we'll go faster and other people will enjoy it and because we're the creators of it we don't miss lee believe will lose the edge of being able to use it as we move forward so we arrive in source model now and the an but in full transparency at some point we do believe some people will ask for more extended support and it would be able to offer it right he because i think it's important it's certainly morton to me as a consumer of this library and you maybe i can make some contributions but i wanna know that those principal contributors vacant stay alive then nothing scarier than taking a dependency on an open source library is as significant as this and then you've got to go off do something else like that's challenging for everyone so.

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