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Anything mattress as a bus has been taken offline Charlie harder come o'neill Safeway is looking to hire thousands of people in light of the corona virus outbreak the company also owns Albertsons stores insist if two thousand immediate openings for in store delivery drivers personal shoppers and workers for their distribution center in Auburn Congress is hiring in anticipation of employees staying home because of schools closing or because they've had contact with someone who tested positive for covert nineteen needs delivery drivers because they've seen the spike in demand for home grocery delivery as people stay home Safeway has one hundred ninety locations in Washington the biggest hiring needs are at stores where schools were closed first that of course in king Pierce and Snohomish counties Seattle's small businesses might be eligible for grants of up to ten thousand dollars if corona viruses hammered their bottom line mayor Jenny Durkan says the city is setting aside one point five million dollars to help businesses with five or fewer employees they can apply for grants up to ten thousand dollars depending on their losses if the owner earns less than eighty percent of the areas meet in income public health officials grappling with the possibility of residents of unsanctioned homeless camps that they could spread coronavirus Seattle libraries are closing for a month starting today and it's not a hardship just for book lovers homeless advocates say one library's closed unsheltered people have even fewer places to take advantage of sanitary bathroom facilities it's a concern given the emphasis on basic hygiene to prevent the virus from spreading Anthony Clark is homeless in sodo.

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