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Two people are under arrest in connection with the disappearance of a saint Mary's county man last seen in December. The remains of James naubert was found in both saint Mary's and Charles counties, Maryland state police say michelina Goodwin and Larry Murphy are charged with first and second degree murder and improper disposal of a human body. He shot and killed two of his then high school classmates in 2021. Now the fairfax county man has been given a maximum sentence. Last August, a jury convicted Zachary burckhardt of manslaughter in the killings of 17 year old Ursula sar and 16 year old Calvin van pelt. Burckhardt admitted during the trial, he fired in self defense, striking eleazar in the chest, and van pelt in the back after an argument. Police rushed to the Springfield Virginia home garage where they found the teens who both died. Commonwealth attorney for fairfax, Steve justino has said that burckhardt used a ghost gun capable of firing in fully automatic mode. I hope that the victim's families can begin the process of healing, but there are no winners here. What we have are two dead kids because of a ghost hunt. Burckhardt will serve 20 years in prison. Megan clarity WTO P news. T mobile says a hacker got a hold of data from nearly 37 million customer accounts, but it did not include payment card information or social security numbers. What was exposed were names, birthdays, addresses and phone numbers. Adam Levin founder of cyber scout and host of the what the hack podcast tells WTO information the hackers God is often already online somewhere. There's been out there for a long time through all of the thousands of breaches and the billions of pieces of information that have been released into the cyber sphere and the information that's for sale on the dark web. So the reality is we're in a cyber's seed state, we're constantly under attack. There's a battleground going on for our information, and the new normal is a constant threat. T mobile says it discovered the leak on January 5th and was able to trace the source and stop it within a day

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