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Expect it to be five. Who would rolling be knocking out of a job right. Like we know ridley gauge zacchaeus. They're safe then. You have two more. Would you really stash rolling just for punt returns. The omni not. that's done he's not it's not like he's breaking ankles out there and stuff like he's just doing he's doing a serviceable serviceable job. At least increase season like is not awful or anything but he's not really making it to where we must keep him. Yeah and that's i think that is the key is when you look at roster composition. I think that's what gives williams the edge here so yeah and there's no way right now that would take roland over touching chartres or even frank darby who i think is beginning to come along a little bit more so yeah i think right now over williams until this third preseason game unless role in just blows the doors off in shows he runs a four to forty and we just haven't seen it. I'll be surprised last one punter because this one is Interesting i think what last week. It was Cameron ms right I think it's the xilai zaylon. But i have no idea. People have been telling me how to correctly. Say an iky. Just forget it so. I've been calling him cameron all week. Cameron he. He had a solid solid but actually really good game. One and didn't one the punted in this game was not a he is in what i found fascinating about. It was on coups. Loan field goal attempt. it was cameron mozelle lack. Who actually held it. I thought i thought they were. When i saw manji out there doing plans. I assumed he was gone. Full load of everything doing place holding in. I believe it was designed like who also did the Kickoff kickoff right. So i i don't really what is going on but yeah continue on mogae. Oh sorry yeah. I mean maggio had some good putts i but again i think in the same. Your point is actually the one that i think needs to be made here. Maggio may end up ultimately auditioning for another team through what he's doing here because as long as cameron cameron as long as cameron shows that he can do it a good job with what he's done so far that appears to be the case the fact he is. You know the guy that you can count on for kickoffs and also for you know place holding. That's that matters. And that may ultimately be what gives him the edge here module may ultimately be auditioning for another team at points at affair fair. Take or do you think there might be a competition. Yeah i think so. I mean there's probably competition just because neither of these guys have an actual regular season to their name So you don't want to just hand someone a job. The team has done previously. Did it work out So i think it's gonna be cameras. I lack Overall you know. As i mentioned him pleading for in this game kind of opened my eyes but also when they weren't they were teammates. I've mentioned on previous augments. They were teammates with the atlanta legends. In the af in two was perfect. I think he was seventeen for seventeen or fourteen. Fourteen one of those two With the legends and that was his placeholder. Like they're very familiar with each other They when they signed cameron. I think to shared something on his instagram story about them. Being united reunited. You know you want your kids to be comfortable so why not give the guy. He's literally been comfortable with previously hundred percent and on that note coup did have a fifty three yard field goal in the game So that was good to see him bounce back after missing along one last week are bouncing back to the defense any. Did anyone else stand out to you. Evan that you wanted to point out or a name that maybe stood out for the wrong reasons where we felt like. Hey this guy needed to show more. And he didn't show me enough. I don't wanna. I don't really see anybody who did it. Show me enough But jalen hawkins continues to impress Yes i think. He was one of those nights where he was mixed in the safety group. I think e solely like made like a name for himself this preseason intended cemented a role. Honesty defense. I don't think he's going anywhere. He's just looked really good From what i've seen But overall now i mean there's always players who could do more and stuff. I don't wanna take any shots but Yeah i i could get promising You know some of these younger guys especially the undrafted one. Step up Because i think there's a tight errol thompson. I really like him. But he He was injured during the game. i'm not sure what the update was on that. I think it might have been concussion. Related so i hope he's okay because it seemed like Bring him back in. They did clearing. Miguel okay okay. Good into it seems like campo you know really tight battle. Going on for linebacker debts Schrief miller i really like he. He did really well last week in You know. I wanna see more him going forward to Yeah i mean that pretty much sums it up on defense is a lot of young guys who are trying to make himself stick on the roster. So yeah i'm particularly encouraged by jalen hawkins mike walker to guys who are in their second year two guys that had rough rookie years because of the what we talked about before the lack of a preseason lack of real training camp both guys appear to have a big step forward at least from the camp reports in what we're seeing in these preseason games they they're both making an impact and that's good to see and they're and what's great is neither of them are necessarily being cow. Navan as starters immediately for the season Michael walker obviously has jones and foyer lewis. Couldn't in front of him Jim hawkins has eric harris drawn harm in front of him but if they continue to develop that could be guys that not only get snaps this year but pushed for roles in twenty twenty two that includes some starting opportunity so really really want to see how these guys turn out again for guys who are taking on day three this is. This is a promising start so any last final thoughts on this game four. Wrap up podcast Nah just forget about it. Yeah on preseason preseason deny saying linearly anytime Whether i'm on here the alcoholic live during preseason the two thousand eight detroit lions anytime you get frustrated with creases and thank them way..

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