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And I've always thought the Godfrey. We had a Scotty, Mike, and Joe. Mike Johnny. Mike Godfrey was with ESPN and fight town of five thousand people. We lived your life Patrick, we lived. Your life. So there isn't any question in my mind which movie I like most in which one I realized. Yeah, you know, it's funny you say that because my dad. He's in his his gosh, how he's almost. He's almost seventy now. So he's he's right around the same time period. And he said to me too, he had a sandlot and let me when I was that first scene of the movie when rollock school and we have our little school uniforms on. He told me that's exactly what he wore everyday to school and exactly what I wore. And just so I think I think the director did a great job because it it really was the childhood for so many people in the in the theaters, bad news bears forty two militant million sandlot thirty-three million, but I can promise you as a man sitting here wearing a ham shirt right now. Sandlot has made much much much more money and made been a much bigger. Yeah, host boxoffice. So whether it's mature merchandise and on reselling of the movie and for that matter, I know there's been a couple of sequels a prequel coming out for the San LOP. But badges bears they'd have a few follow ups as well. And then a remake and Japan that was astrodome breaking can't breaking Campbell's, the astrodome one. And then they did the remake with. That Billy Bob Thornton. Yeah, the remake, but the sandlot seems to have more catchphrases and more things that have lived on and maybe it's an era thing. But I mean, we have referenced the movie many times in the last year and change on this podcast alone. And I mean, I look at my dog what he does something that drives me crazy go, you're killing me small. And I'm not gonna a person that does that right. Like it's I'm sure you get those comments to you all the time. Yeah. I mean, well, you know it's funny though because if bad news bears made forty two million, nine hundred seventy six. That's probably more like a hundred and fifty million. So and then Sam to make making that back then it's probably closer to like an eighty ninety million dollar movie. But I think you're right, I think so..

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