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Dianne Feinstein accuses Grassley of bullying a survivor of attempted rape in order to confirm a nominee deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, says the New York Times got it wrong. When the paper reported that he had talked about using the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office, the AP's Eric Tucker reports for two anonymous sources who have their own agenda, and he says he's not going to respond to it. But I should also note though, by the same token, the jus-. Department did issue a statement? Scientists say they've confirmed a five hundred million year old fossil is one of the earliest known creatures in a paper released Thursday by the journal science, researchers studied impressions in rock oval shapes with internal lines looking somewhat. Like leaf imprint densely packed with veins. I described in one thousand nine hundred forty seven there found in Australia and Russia and range in size from that of a fingernail to some four and a half feet. The mysterious organism that made those fossils been dubbed dickens Sonia in the past scientists have suggested it's either an animal lichen or a sizeable example of a single celled organism the key evidence in the new study was finding that dickens Tonia fossils from Russia contain carbon bearing substances produced by animals. The Ford Motor has been told to pay customers in Thailand as AP correspondent charlesdale does. My reports it has to do. With faulty transmissions. Ecorse has ordered Ford to pay two hundred ninety one customers the total though the seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation the selling cars equipped with full transmissions the Bangkok south. Civil courts decision has been welcomed as a victory in the country that consumers rarely win redress. Most of the tips in the class action suit will get payments of eight hundred to eight thousand dollars each depending on the number of times and length of time that cost took to be repaired. Ford has said in a statement that it respected the court's verdict. Faulty transmissions. Said being targeted by consumer legal action in the US and Canada. I'm Charles Ledesma. A British investigative groups has two suspects in the poisoning of an ex Russian spy were briefly detained in the Netherlands earlier this year is the AP's Charles de LA desma reports. This comes a week. After media reports said two unidentified, Russian spies were arrested on Dutch soil and leads police information linked the arrests with attempts by them to smuggle hacking equipment. The Belling cat probe quoted an unnamed security official saying that Alexander Petrov and Roussin Bushehr off with detained in the Netherlands earlier this year and released without being charged Dutch authorities happened immediately confirm the report saying they are assessing an Associated Press. Request for comment Britain has charged Petroff and bus you off trying to kill Russian by Circe scruple and his daughter with Soviet designed nerve agent..

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