They beyond the set shooting they started shooting the movie


One of the great film comedy acting clinics is gene hackman from the royal tenenbaums by the way it's on bill by the way i'm gonna jump spoke thing and then i'll give del santa bumps which by the way the only other actor and history i could see doing that rao ten of bombs role is spencer tracy yeah never put the two and three together spencer tracy just did a lot of of like boy's town why you know what fuck it i see the both the same yeah i have to say glenn changing yeah you'd think about but here's the thing about heckman they beyond the set shooting they started shooting the movie and they would do the the he he wasn't imoting enough he wasn't being big enough and they get notes and he keep doing what he's doing and they were like this is gonna suck and the minute they watch dailies they're like wow wow because there's so much new once so much in what he knows what the cameras speaking of growth hanna bumps lamb i love that that movie them but i think it's flawed shirt i love and the biggest florida me is what i think the movie and i do this with movies by the way west anderson has two of my favorite moments in act in in film are in his movies they're kinda similar to the one that is my favorite is in a rush more when bill murray shows up and they give the pin and he realizes that his father's a barber not a surgeon and bill murray is on the verge of tears in that because he's so moved and like all eu kit it is the level of acting is so superb same thing protandim bombs ben stiller did it he says to his father after the fired at the end when they're doing all the different story wrapups it spent stiller and gene hackman and ben stiller says a dad he goes i why are son data i've had a tough year which is an understatement but the way says it on the verge of tears and it was i got goosebumps it was so moving but the the the thing about.

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