Governor Ronnie, President Trump, Romney discussed on Firing Line Gun Show


To think that governor ronnie's you went out of his way into question and the thing to let and integrity all of downtown our president on that would be given the most significant haven't opposed to moss secretary stage i really fucking of the grassroots i'm saying that usually all they fell and bill patrolling to think that live and then around the back in there after everything he did when i mean voting for and he's consultants we're not thing that often announced on for year let me remind you a little bit about what run the said a few months back donald trump is the only it promises or is worthless as a degree from trump university this is a time for choosing he asked me in the temperament northern judgment to be president yes personal qualities would mean that america would seems to be a shying city and i hill yeah i think year i think you need to not be on the shining city on the hill running because you're turn coat your you know i'd be different fewer running running against him and you said some bad things we can forgive you for that but you want you dead just interjected year you're you're dribble and out and then it new even more post to him i think there is nothing met romney can say regardless arm phone and frankly prophetic sweden for most of the trump supporters well we will support president like trying to win every guys i think we did enormous disappointed but he brought met ronnie in any position of authority i agree i agree completely so let's talk about let's get on with that for a little while and i let's talk about the secretary the treasury trump joe steve months in which apparently steve mentions parents are dislikes it because they stopped in and you see h i am but former or at least not or he's that was kind of a joke anyway former goal he's a former goldman sachs executive in a hit from and manager he's invested in some hollywood movies including avatar mad max fury road suicide squad he also try served is trump's presidential campaign finance jen but here's what i like steve mention his first order of business.

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