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Calls next peter. Barnes anthropolgy listening to paul finebaum show. Podcast earns filling in for finebaum. That's where paul mums at. I think he has been backstage. Hanging out was this luke bryan. Is that what it is is jacob. Yes is luke bryan indeed knowing what do you think him. Finebaum kind of a road forum. Just can you imagine what. What do you think. Paul finebaum would be a rhody for. You think he'd be like. I'm not missing a single concert. I don't think look. Bryant's on that list. Treating paul finebaum is right now. He's in hartford connecticut for the luke bryan concert tonight. You think he is. That's how he rolls. I don't want to disclose information but like it's possible. That would be great. I would just i'm trying to. I think he's more of a john test guy right. I don't know of yani yani alive. I should probably google that before. I bring it up I don't know if he he does concerts. I think tesche might probably still does. I'm not quite sure a five to four two. Paul is the phone number. You can give us a holler there. That's eight five. Five to four to seventy to eighty five. Hit me up on twitter at peter burns. Espn been talking a little bit about what's going on with sec media days and again. I ask the question if you give truth serum to any one coach. Who do you think you're gonna learn the most from and i think eli drink wits ally drink which is fantastic over missouri. I think that he's got a ton of personality. The more people get an opportunity to meet him in. Listen to them. I think you're gonna come away impressed. And i think that you know i had sabin. Who's on the top of my list. Just because i've got so many questions to ask him about how name of jim image and likeness is going to work out bright immediate eligibility in the conference. How does he like that The vaccine and how is he handling that with his players. I mean so many questions and in coach save. And i think that's the reason why if we ever had kind of a quote unquote commissioner of sports. As our college football sabin would be a natural at it. Because i think that when he talked he's like e f hutton when he talks people listen and you know he's earned that respect is one of the greatest of all time. And you know. I would be really intrigued to about brian harsono. I i think a lot of auburn fans are still trying to figure out who brian hartson is. I mean they know. He's the coach at boise state. But what does he mean like. What what what is he going to bring and i. I got a feeling that that's going to be one of the big stars. Coming out of next week's media days is when people and i've i've listened to a lot of his stuff. A lot of his talks tried to consume as much. Every time i've listened to him. I came away blowed away with what he had to say and i think he brings that same passion to hoover at media days. All right we got genius going to join us in fifteen minutes. Your phone calls. We'll open up at the top.

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