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To the president's desk. He's expected to sign it. But that's not all Linda Kenyon explains. The Senate passed at first than the house where members of both parties raised it as a necessary compromise, it represents what is possible in a strong democratic process. That's Nita Lowey head of the house appropriations committee the Bill funds several government departments through the end of September including homeland security, but it gives the president considerably less money than he wanted for border security, most notably his signature border wall as he threatens to declare a national emergency to make an end run around congress and get the money anyway, we are reviewing our options. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says those options could include legal challenges that could tie up the president's efforts to build a wall for years. Linda Kenyon, Washington Denver teachers are back to work after reaching a deal raise their pay ending a three-day strike under the deal rates Thursday. Those teachers will get a base pay raise of between seven eleven percent. The next school year at a cost of living increase in the following two years. Well, turning Michael luvin ATI says prosecutors in Chicago were examining new video recording of Rb singer R Kelly allegedly having sex with an underage girl source, I interviewed the footage. There are two scenes on the video one appears in a living room and another bedroom. A naked man who appears to be our Kelly is seen performing multiple sex acts with a female. She is heard calling him. Daddy, multiple times on the tape. It is impossible at this point for us to know her age just from the video itself, though, they both refer to her genitalia as being fourteen years old six times. In fact, the girl refers to her genitalia as fourteen years old and a couple of times our Kelly repeats that person has doctors say, they increased as medication dosage to deal with cholesterol. But White House says the president's annual physical showed no major change.

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