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But the dolphins are tanking. They made a move to get rid of Bri. Robert quinn. A trade to get some draft picks. The reality is that they're playing a different game front offices and coaches and players are separate of front office can play one game they can play the tanking game. And see what the long term results can be players and coaches there is no there's a different. Game for them. They're about winning doing their job. They only have a small opportunity to go perform on the field. So both things can be true, a front office can take and players, and coaches cannot believe in it both can be done at the same time. You said that exactly right. And the most recent example of it is Cleveland where to some degree. You can say it is worked. They have amassed all of this great talent there. But don't ask the guy who was the coach when they were trying to do it because he's been fired. And don't ask the executive in charge of all of it. When they started it because he's been fired. So Brian Flora's knows my organization is taking and I may not be there when we come out the other side of that. So I understand the point that he's making and I will agree strongly with one other thing he said the term tanking is disrespectful to the game. The active tanking is disrespectful to the fans, and until they stop incentivizing losing that is never going to change. Now. One more thing. Again, sneaky, big news. You may have missed last week. Speaking of the Browns, they've been the talk of the NFL off season after acquiring Odell Beckham. So then last week at the NFL meetings ravens coach, John. John Harbaugh was asked about all this collection of talent. They put together in Cleveland, and where they fit into his division and hear his answer. Quote. They're the most talented team won the division. We'll see what that means. I know this. That's right now the best team in the division is the team that's going to win the division. So we'll see what the best team is and quote on Harbaugh. You like it. Let's get some juice go as an ex player. I want to go play right now. When I read a coach talk about like that because there is some energy from coach in greeny..

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